Mystery Box


I’m very upset :frowning: I was going to buy a YYF Mystery Box but my computer lagged just as I was about to buy one the signal got disconnected I had to spend a lot of time tryna get my comp to work

For those players out there that bought 2 boxes would you mind pleasing a fellow yoyo player?

Pm me and we’ll work something out :slight_smile:


You sure they’re all sold out?


I’m annoyed that YYE had us wait 2 hours, and many did not even get a box, but some people just grabbed two.


I would probably find that annoying too if I didn’t luck into getting my (single!) box. Sorry to hear it, guys. If I was a 2-box grabbing guy, I would be all shamey and willing to sell off one of mine; but alas I limited myself to the one.


I’m actually very disappointed that they didn’t think to temporarily upgrade the servers. I’ve been trying to get through this system for over 2 hours now. I was on immediately when the bag and box dropped and by the time I got to the last step of checkout the boxes were gone. By the time I got back to remove the box from my cart the bags were gone.
This was poorly done.


Yeah same with me I got through and when I loaded up cart was empty. Very disappointed. There is a lot of very disappointed peeps out there.


Same here. I waited for like 2 hours sitting in front of my computer. And as soon as I ordered one it refreshed and it was all gone. But I didn’t give up and I at least got a bag.




I am disappointed too, I waited 2 hours or so waiting to see if I could get a mystery box. I got frustrated. Its not andres fault, he might not have expected this many people there were about 420 guests online and about 220 users. Last year there was some lag but not so much you couldn’t even get to checkout. I saw somebody say Andre should give more sales. Why would he do that? The server crashing was unexpected, he may have expected some lag but this much.
Let’s not get mad at him or demand something ridiculous.


Same here


Sigh well me and my dad are very upset (my dad throws) this is only once a year and we missed our chance

Oh well I’m going to buy some YYJ’s now that the Black Friday sale is on :slight_smile:

But the yyf box was a very good deal can’t believe I missed it :frowning: