What the heck happened last night


Ok, I rushed home after thanksgiving dinner to get a yyf mystery box. When the time ran out, my computer crashed :frowning: then, I reloaded it and tried to add it to my cart. It took a half an hour before crashing. At this point, I was running around my house to get any device with Internet including my DSi XL. None of them were working so I went to bed and I planed to wake up at 2 or 3 to continue. With my luck, I slept in. I’m soooo mad. I’m just hopping to get a couple of yoyos for Black Friday. Who else had the same problems?


Everyone did. The server crashed. The mystery boxes took like 2 hours to sell out hecause so many people were trying to get tjem, no one could load tue page.


I don’t see the big deslidei think Andre shouldn’t have to apologize to us…he couldn’t control what happened…I mean, Andre literally took the time to apologize over this, and it wasn’t even in his power…Andre is seriously upset from the sounds of it. I just think we need to let it slide. Andre is a great man…if we are to play the blame game…its really our faults in a funny way…so many people trying to get lucky really is silly. I do say though…Andre is really a nice Guy…I’m sure he’s upset more than we are. Si like I said …lets let it slide. It was ma horrible crash that nobody could help.


There were about 650 people all try get one. I stayed for the 2 hours or so and didn’t even get a bag. It’s not Andre’s fault.


Idk man, I was pretty messed up…


Heheeh…that’s funny.

(Q) #7

Tell me about it. How’d things go with Gretchen?


Wait…did something bad really happen? I’m Sorry…I thought it was a joke…I’m so sorry.


Haha no. I didn’t get Q’s comment either.

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Yeah I was pretty messed too.

Like idk man

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Did you get with Gretchen?

Who got with Gretchen?


Same thing happens to me so my mom asked me what I want for Christmas besides that and now thanks to the Black Friday deal now I’m getting all these! Here’s what I’m getting: Code 2 Nautillus Wastland edition, 4 pack of One Drop pads, 4 pack of YYF pads, C3 DiBase Black, Black YYF snap back hat, blue One Drop T shirt, YYF Champions Collection ShaqlerStar!


I feel the same, it’s wasn’t in his control. No body should be blaming anybody.