hmm uploading sight

hey guys for some reason that i fail to see my parents will not let me get a youtube or vimeo account and I would like a way to upload vids besides using facebook any idea what i can do?

Well, if they won’t let you upload them then you really can’t.

Alot of parents don’t like kids broadcasting themselves on the internet, for fear of them being targeted. Its best to just comply with their wishes, or reach some sort of compromise.

well they let me upload them onto here and yoyonation but i have to post it using facebook while it works on yoyonation all it does is post a link here and not everyone has a facebook so yeah

If they don’t want you having yourself on the internet, then you kind of need to do so. Since you’re obviously not 18, you need to listen to what they say.

Honestly it makes no sense. If they are letting you do it on facebook then they really have no reason to not let you on the other sites. There is little difference in freaks and killers on all of them. Vimeo is the best IMO. I am a parent so I just don’t get it

Well, good point, but the question there is do they let you use facebook and do they let you use it for videos? If so, then not letting you use Vimeo or Youtube is pointless.

There is, it doesnt have the best quality though.

try telling them you wont show your face and only film out of the house so they dont see you stuff

Not to mention that Facebook makes your name readily available.

Dude honestly, unless they check your computer’s history like every month then what they don’t know wont hurt them. Even it they check your history you could still delete the links to you account.

Deleting your history will not get rid of all trackers of online activity. Even clearing out your cookies and temp folders wont completely do the trick, but that’s not the point. If he does that, he may be banned from uploading videos at all, and that’s simply not worth it.

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