yoyo battle please!


yoyo battle please! I’ve never done a battle, but I think I’m ready. whoever challenges me can set the rules n’ stuff. just PM me or something if you’re interested!


I’m kinda interested but how could we do it I have no YouTube account

(2Sick Joey) #3

^ make a youtube account, its free


You honestly need a youtube account.

Unless you want to send someone files, if they wanted to, they could make you a video.


I know I need a YouTube account bur my dad says no to it "because it’s a lack of privacy and someone could steal your Identity so he’s still deciding over it


Since you have to have a g-mail account through google to have a youtube account just make an email that you don’t use anything for other than the youtube. Your dad might be worried that people can get stuff through your email and other accounts that it is attached through so just make on just for the youtube account and don’t use that email for anything else. That might make him more comfortable. You definitly need a youtube account though, even if it is just to keep up with all the yoyoing in the world.


Oh that’s true I wonder when my dad will talk about it to my mom though he is really lazy at times to get that YouTube account approved


someone could also steal your identity here. The second you buy a computer, there is a chance of identity theft. Really, your not gonna get your identity stolen on youtube, that’s like worrying about your house getting robbed because you made a facebook account