Posting a tut.

Is there anyway to post a tutorial without posting it to Youtube or Vimeo or Flickr?

Not unless you can find some other place to host a video for you.
Are you prejudiced, or what??

I just don’t want to have to make an account just to upload like two videos.

i only have two videos on youtube and its not hard to sigh up. just takes a few min.

It doesn’t take long to make an account. Just need and email.

In the time it took you to make this thready, you could have already had a youtube account.

^^^^ This ^^^

Don’t be afraid to make a youtube account. You will be surprised on how useful a youtube account is. It can help you enter video contests, it can help you make requests for tricks, and you can get discovered by a company (if that’s your goal that is). Just make a youtube account and post those 2 videos. 10 minutes of your time can save millions of hours for this generation and the many that are to come.

I think you can use “Photobucket” too but I would just make a “Youtube” account like everyone said…

definitly get a photobucket and youtube account, will save you alot of trouble if you enter contestes, try to trade, or just to show people what you can do.