any of you get this while filming?


Alright so i was filming a yoyo video today cause i had an idea for one today and well… every time i pull out my tripod and camcorder doesn’t matter what it is i always get a sibling in the background. :-\ And as always… video bombing its became a regular thing for me now. Mind you this is annoying because there not allowed on my YouTube channel… >:( So you guys with siblings or children wandering around does this happen to you? its almost normal right now for me because its a regular thing now i lose good footage thanks to my ridiculous siblings… Also do you have any tips preventing this? cause i got nothing…


Lock the doors, or do it when they’re asleep? ??? IDK.


My siblings are all addicted to their electronic equipment so I film outside, or in my own bed room.


Tell them to not get in the way?


Why aren’t they allowed on your channel?


because my dad doesn’t want them on it.

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I get random people in shots when I film in public places. I have to scratch the footage because I don’t have release forms for them. Today I filmed in a playground. Lil kids love playgrounds.


My kids end up in my shots a decent amount. But they’re allowed on my YouTube channel. :wink:


I have 4 siblings, so i feel you, when dealing with siblings compromise is your friend, maybe give them there own scene, with them bouncing off the walls maybe, or have them grab the camera and make it kinda lively.

Incorporate them into it.


Try spraying pepper water around the filming area.


Save up some money and then make them a deal. Plan ahead some quality time to spend doing your video.

Then tell your siblings that you are going to make a quality Yoyo video. You Cannot have anybody bombing the video or that would mess up the program.

So you get together and tell them if they stay out of the video; when you are done; you will buy a Pizza or some ice cream… Whatever enticement that might/ would force them to behave.

Anybody Bombs; no Pizza… No Ice cream.



haha that sounds like a great idea if only i had a spray bottle…