Autofocus is Overrated

It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded anything, hasn’t it?

Autofocus is Overrated:

YoYo: CLYW Cliff
String: YoYoStringLab Type X
Song: Ta-ku | Day 31 | 50 Days for Dilla, Vol 2

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Gonna be recording a longer video with more new stuff this weekend hopefully.

Thanks for watching!

inb4 “Biting off Paul Dang”


  1. deal with it

But seriously, that was great. Awesome tricks and awesome jacket

Very nice indeed.

Thanks guys!

Awesome. You’re getting smoother each time.

One thing I like about Paul Dang’s videos is that he always looks like he’s having fun. You don’t want to “fake it” with a bunch of crappy fake smiles, but in your outtakes and stuff, I wonder if there’s any footage of you being less serious? Be great to see sometimes, even during flubs.



The videos I’ve been posting lately are usually filmed with just me, so it’s kinda hard for me to goof around and stuff when im alone- thats just not me. When I’m alone I’m pretty quiet and reserved, just tryin to relax.  If you watch one of my older videos here:

I think you might find what you’re looking for! :slight_smile:

Yes sir! That is the thing to which I am referring.

Great video. Smooth already, even back then, all those weeks ago!

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Awesome! I’m actually going back there with some friends this Saturday, maybe get some footage.

I think Paul usually has somebody film for him, which would make things 10x more fun. I usually record either before I head to class or really late at night between studying, so its hard for me to be super enthusiastic haha

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy every second I throw. Except for the times when the yoyo rockets at my face, then I’m terrified

And I just watched that video again. Crazy what a difference a couple of months makes!

Having someone around makes it a whole lot better, for sure. I’ve been filming myself lately, but my wife (and sometimes my kid if he’s not in bed yet) watches from the other room and makes funny or encouraging comments as I throw (or laughs at me if I have to dodge one coming back to my face… “If you can dodge a yoyo, you can dodge…”).

My favourite recent footage was at a ski lodge (the public area… we don’t have our own lodge or anything…) and I threw this god-awful fixed-axle stall. My wife was the “camera person” (just a cell phone) and she and my son (seated nearby) just started laughing at me, which made me break out into a huge grin. Reminded me that yoyo can be more fun when you share it. :wink:

Serious solo videos or otherwise, keep’em coming, though!

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Definitely! Friends and/or family can always make things better!

It just keeps getting better! I really like the color pallet of this one too.

Thanks! I really like how the colors turned out too, I think the bluish grey tone looks nice.



I think it’s time you got a Franco:

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I’ve always enjoyed that gif, thanks!

Amazon bro…hope to see more

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Yeah bro, simply amazon.