Perils of filming a yoyo video...


Yoyo Vids are cool ! right ? I mean there is an entire thread here dedicated to showcasing them.

They inspire and entertain expanding the sport of yoyoing.

Yet the true tragedy lies in the process of making them. Yoyoers, unfortunately, have the task of making these “yoyo videos”, and unless they have a dedicated camera crew following them around, enthusiastically capturing their every move,

It usually turns out something like this …



So true for me I have invented something called Yoyorecordingitis which is when your sloppy on camera but smooth and amazing off camera. I was actually was trying to film today and wind happened yay! it’s like the the Achilles heel of a yoyoer outside. Then it gets better Cause when you get all the footage together when it’s time to edit it what happens the video degrades itself in the video editor! From 1080p to 720p in a blink of an eye. It drives me crazy every time even though my videos have some nice stuff going on in them.


Nice video, Brandon. :slight_smile:


I enjoyed it! Thanks for making such an entertaining video. ;D


very accurate and made for a good laugh


Haha! Very cool and funny vid! I really enjoyed watching that! :smiley:

(Erik Kerber ) #7

Really funny vid. :smiley:

but it is true. To make things a bit easier for me I usually don’t screw around with editing that much I just trim the clips and throw in some slomo and that’s it done.


Yea I hate throwing in the wind landing slack tricks is imposible >:(


This was very entertaining and you have a fun personality for vblogs.


That was funny. Although you have to be an expert to talk like that.
I love your vids.
Not meant to hijack the thread but a question for you:
The way I bind my yoyo is the simple front mount way that everyone learns first (yoyo comes to your hand from below. But I have seen you doing a trick in which you do a bind which makes your yoyo go up and then come in their hand binding. Can you tell me what is it called and how can I learn it?