VOSUN - A New Yoyo Company on the way

Hello every one, My name is Sheng. I have idea to start a new yoyo company named Vosun Yoyo. Still many many things to do. If you have any idea to make a legend yoyo, share with me. Of cause if your idea is done, I’ll be glad to share you some yoyo gifts with your idea or design.
These years, I test huandred of yoyos. If you have new yoyo, also share with me. For the idea of new yoyos, we love cool design shape and cool logo, cool color box,cool poster and many more…
Once more if you got any cool idea share with me!!!

Tip:We would share some free yoyos if you have contest and yoyo meeting sponsor. You can follow our facebook page and leave a message. :slight_smile:

The first protype come out…
We call him “STARY” 1S
Do you have any suggest? ;D

What about a yoyo with ‘Z-stack’ type things that are so big they go past the rims of the yoyo, allowing you to Walk the Dog forever.

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Like that.

Ztack has copyright

Really nice! Kinda reminds me of the skywalker. What are the specs?

There’s other ways to make spinning sides, though. Look at the Epics TA-tas. (That sounds so strange)

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Cool idea, like a cap, right? then the cap can take out for trick.

Beautifully made yoyo. The name suits the color and look of the yoyo.

Nailed this yoyo design down pat.

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another new yoyo protype for next step

acid surface with another item 2S test, tech like what used in C3yoyo and turning point, please don’t say copy to me,haha

If you like it, take it home.

Do u need testers?

Looks great! Where/when can we get one? What is the diameter/width/weight?

Still we’re looking for world wide store to sale them…

We’va made 3 types in stock now, all come with 56m diameter size. Our team will working hard assember and test them in this week.
7075 yoyos is now in next step…

^ those look absolutely gorgeous, hope to get one of these available in the US soon! I am highly interested based on the looks alone!

assemble yoyos now…

You should email Andrè and see if he’d be interested in putting them on YYE

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These look great! I love the colorways too, they’re perfect; I think I may have to pick one of these up when I get a chance.

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