VOSUN - A New Yoyo Company on the way

You can get one here: http://www.yoyosam.com/recentadditions.aspx

Link’s broken.

Coming to this forum and directing people to a competing store isn’t allowed and is bad form overall.


this moderation is hilarious :smiley:

has anyone seen the price tag on these? they are like 30$ :o

And the cheaper ones are like $24 :o

These are awesome. I’ll definitely have to pick one up.

Another new protype in design, protype test good in play. Do you find something same as others? When a new yoyo come out, you may found something same as others.haha… If you can find something same, cut will cut to a new shape

These things are gorgeous. And $30 bucks too? Too good.

I managed to get a Van Sword at French Nats, and I must say I’m in love, I’m already looking forward to get an Arcs and a Stary

What about this? :wink: coming soon in the next step, 7075 series

interesting, although i am not sure how i feel about the shapes. anyone that has bought these can you do a smell review and comparison of these to another yoyo that might be similar? thanks.

Wow. Those are amazing. I thought some of my ideas Were cool! I want one!

Those 7075 throws are gorgeous :o I was also wondering how good is the 1s because I just ordered one.

Here’s the next product from Vosun =)


Here is the Facebook page of Vosun: https://www.facebook.com/vosunsport?fref=ts