*YoYoLife* The new company in progress!

Hey everyone!
Me and a friend are working on making a company!
our website is still being worked on but you can visit it here http://www.billybobs.com i mean you CAN’T visit it here.
Or check out our Facebook: http://facebook.com/theyoyolife/

If you have any question just ask!

Good luck! I love companies who have something ready. The yoyo looks really nice, do you have a name for it? I like the little funnel thing in the cup, unique. How does it play, has anyone tested it out yet?

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The yo-yo in your picture looks a little very similar to some of the yo-yos i’ve seen on those bulk/wholesale Chinese websites, especially with those ripoff hubstack posts, but maybe it’s just a coincidence… Did you actually design the yo-yos in the picture?

Either way, store link removed. Please read the forum rules for “up and coming manufacturers”.


i noticed it too…it looks like a rip off genesis…

I think the yoyo looks cool

I thought the same thing , but did not want to say anything. This is eerily similar to “Baseline Yoyos.” Hopefully we’re wrong.

The rules may they one day be read. One day.

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I find it odd how you say you and a friend are working on this company, yet you’ve only been yo-yoing for maybe a year or so and the website claims they’ve been making yoyo for 5 years…

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Veery Shushpicious…

It looks like it’s actually a copy/pasted thing where you fill in the blanks or something. Whatever it is, it’s not right.

the whole thing is rather sketchy…

Probably won’t come to fruition.

ok. Just to clear things up. I am not the owner. I am just helping the owner get everything set up.
As for the yoyo in the picture, it IS one that he designed. It is just a temporary picture until we get some better ones. I promise that we are not trying to copy anyone’s designs.

The website is still under construction and is not all done yet.

If you have any questions just let me know :slight_smile:

Other pics:


I’m assuming he has these manufactured in China? I think the shop that manufactures some Magic Yoyos does Yoyos for pretty much anyone. They also allow companies to choose their engraving as well on Magic YoYo models.


First - I recommend you tell the owner not to design hubstack compatible yo-yos. The Hubstack model is copying someone’s design and if you plan to sell any yo-yos with hubstacks that is infringing on YYFs patent.

And Second - If the “owner” of YoYoLife is looking to sell cheap yo-yos that he bought in bulk from China, this forum is not the place to do so. The Up and Coming Manufacturers thread is a place to help new companies and young entrepreneurs get their product noticed. It is not the place to flip products you bought in bulk for a quick buck.

I’ll lock the thread until we hear from the owner. He can contact us at contact@yoyoexpert.com if he would like approval to post further about his company.