Zeekio, VOSUN

I haven’t really ever seen or heard much about these brands. Does anyone here have any experience with these yoyos that can give insight into their quality?

I have a Vosun Aethyr which has been considered one of Vosun’s best models. Mine has a decent vibe I haven’t bothered to try to tune yet. It feels light and kind of cheap, but I like the shape and it is blasted. Spins good and plays fine, but wouldn’t be my first choice for anything. One of their latest models I’ll probably pick up at some point is the 7075 Petrichor.

The Zeekio Volt is good budget bi-metal. I’ve never played one, but people seem to have liked the Prism; I remember Chris Allen gave it a glowing review. I’ve just received a new Delrin plastic model of theirs called the Flare that plays absolutely great.

I have a Zeekio Zenith which, like their other yoyos, is a rebranded Yoyoempire model.

The Zenith isn’t good, it’s excellent. It’s one of the best POM yoyos out there.

I have a zeekio flare and I love it. It’s my current favorite throw and I have a lot of other throws that cost much more.

I haven’t heard many good things about Zeekio metals though. Can anyone chime in here and tell us about them?

The Zenith is probably the best plastic out there. If I’m not playing metal, this is what I use, one of my absolute favourites.

I’ve been hearing some ridiculously good reviews on the Flare - and they look so good, though I haven’t had the opportunity to try one yet…

If you’re looking for a good yoyoZeekio metal, have a look at the Lunar Wind and Volt, both are outstanding.

The Lunar Wind is pretty much the only yoyo I’ve played over the last 4 months (you can find some pics on my Instagram: @frankplaysyoyo) and I love everything about it, can’t put it down! Very well designed and finished. It has a very unique feel, the matador spikes work well, it’s a fast playing, nippy yoyo and grinds well. It’s also one of the most beautiful yoyos I’ve seen in a very long time.

The Volt is unbelievable too. Looks great, very solid, very stable, grinds well, top quality. It’s also much cheaper than a lot of other bi-metals. If I was to compare the two - the Volt is like the latest BMW with ABS, EBS and traction control. The Lunar Wind is like a super kart - one heck of an enjoyable ride if you know how to use the controls!

I know some people who love other Zeekio metals, particularly the Aftermath, Core and Prism. Personally, I didn’t enjoy them that much. I’ve tried a few of the other metals (Aftermath, Core, Golem, Little Evil, Prism, Space Monkey). There is nothing wrong with them, they play fine and offer good value for money, but I feel as though they lack individual character and could be a little bit better… They’re good, but I’d much rather play something else (except the Prism, that was a good one!).

For plastic, nothing beats the Zenith or Flare (around $30)
For metal: Get the Lunar Wind for fast & flashy, get the Volt for laid-back, solid, bimetal (around $65)
For budget metal: nothing beats Yoyofficer right now (except maybe the Prism).

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Vosun is a pretty good company… i got to play with a few of their throws at nyyyc. they are pretty solid and great players.

I have a zeekio prism and it’s great super stable spins for good while one of my favorite throws deff feels solid on the string also the rainbow colorway when as spinning makes the yoyo look silver pretty nice throw