Zeekio Zenith OR One Drop Rally


So I’m just getting started with unresponsive tricks. I love the feel of both plastic and metal. Probably more so metal yoyos but I wanted to buy one last plastic yoyo just to see if I can find one that throws as close to as smooth and long as metal and the two that have caught my eye are the Zeekio Zenith and the One Drop Rally. I can find tons of info about the Rally. Seems like a solid high end plastic yoyo but the Zeekio looks pretty cool too. But not really much info. I just love the all white look and the blue with black one too.

Anyway, hoping someone here has experience with both and can weigh in.

Thanks in advance.

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If you don’t already have one, get a classic with the upgrade kit.

The Zenith is smoother than the Rally I think. My Zenith is sort of beat right now, and I just recently got my rallies, so I can’t directly compare the smoothness, but if my memory serves me well, the Zenith is smoother. Either one you pick is going to be really good. The Rally I don’t think spins quite as long as the Zenith though. I personally prefer the Zenith.

I would like to say a few other things too. If you are just starting unresponsive tricks, you don’t really need a metal yoyo. It’s overkill. You most certainly should not be giving up on plastics. Nobody should ever give up on plastics, even when you’re a world champion. Don’t get caught up in how smooth a yoyo is, it’ll just make you paranoid about hurting your yoyos.


I love my Rally(s). I find myself picking them over just about everything else I have, they’re just so versatile.


Rally would be the choice between the 2 but I’d eventually get a zenith as well

Would also consider the diffusion 2

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What do you mean by versatile? How are they more versatile than anything else?

Just curious, why would you choose the rally?

I totally forgot about the diffusion 2. It spins forever.


Thanks for the advice. I’m never going to give up on plastics. I still love the look and feel of them. I’m just saying from my own personal preference is metal. I find it is easier to control do to it’s weight and is more stable in the air. Again I’m just starting so my skills suck. I’m sure once I get better I’ll be able to throw a plastic with the same precision as I can a metal. But for now metal just throws smoother for me.

Again thanks for the advice. I appreciate it. I’m glad you said the Zeekio as I like the look of those better than the Rally’s.


Cool, all good advice. Thanks guys.


What I mean is, the Rally can do everything I throw at it (except for horizontal finger spins but I can’t do that very well anyway). You have to remember, a lot of people here (like myself) are not competition level players like you Philip so when I say something is versatile I’m speaking about my own trick vocabulary - There is no trick I can do that the Rally cannot handle. The surface is machined to handle grinds, the V shape is a good center ground between Organic and H, it’s incredibly well balanced and you can thumb grind on the inner rings. The OD 10-ball is great once you get past the noisy stage, and it responds well without being too grabby. That’s pretty versatile to me.


It’s actually good at that.



It all just comes down to weight distribution. I personally find the rally pretty boring but it’s a top notch performing plastic and if I had to choose between the 2 it’d be that one. Plenty stable and long spinning and I didn’t really notice that with the zenith. Of course the delrin is nice and it’s basically the shape of a code 1. Especially with the new white ones which look excellent.

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I thought that’s what you meant. I do have a bit of a problem though. I don’t really like it when people say that it can handle anything you throw at it unless they are actually throwing a lot at it. To really test it, you have to do long, hard combos. It would be more helpful to say what you are actually throwing at the yoyo.
However, enough of my annoyances.

I just don’t get how a yoyo can be specifically versatile. I understand that a really stable yoyo can do any trick you can think of, but it’s called being stable, not versatile. My problem is that versatile is not a valid way of describing a yoyo.

Good reason. I respect it.


So in order for me to comment on the abilities of a yo-yo, you require me to list all of the tricks I can do? Again, I’m sorry that most people’s skill levels in here don’t come up to your high level. I won’t bother commenting about a yo-yos usefulness in future, I’ll leave it to the professionals.


Um… I don’t think that’s what you should do. There’s nothing wrong with giving your opinions. You just weren’t using the right word for something. That’s no reason to stop giving your opinions.


ver·sa·tile adjective \ˈvər-sə-təl, especially British -ˌtī(-ə)l
: able to do many different things


Well I appreciate all the comments regarding my question. What I really wanted to know was which one performed better. It doesn’t matter to me if you’re a begginner like me or a competition yoyo’er. I’m just looking for personal opinions on the performance difference.

Thanks again


That’s beside the point. You just shouldn’t not give your opinions just because you may be wrong.

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read that carefully.

I know. I don’t think it is a good word for describing yoyos because i think that versatility is a byproduct of other qualities, and because it is a quality that most yoyos have.

Incorrect. You don’t have to list your tricks, you don’t have to even pay attention to what I want.
My preference is hearing the types of tricks you are putting a yoyo through. Horizontals, slacks, speed, long combos. I think this is very useful information. These are just my thoughts. they don’t have to be yours.

Don’t be. I am very sorry if I came off as a snob. I did not intend to put anyone down.

Bad idea. All opinions are valuable.

Both are super good. Choose whichever one looks cooler or hits you the right way. You won’t be disappointed.


If that’s the case I think I’m going to have to go for the all white one. Looks super slick.

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I’m assuming you are talking about the Zenith. I personally have a solid black one.


Ah ha! Color for the win! Don’t tell me color has no play in marketing!