VINES by MonkeyFinger - testing opportunity!

(André Boulay) #1

Are you interested in trying out @MonkeyFingerYOYO VINES?!

We are looking for a few people to try/test out the string and write a review here on the forum.

We have 10 total packs. If you are interested please reply to this topic and we will send you a personal message to get your mailing address. You must try and test them out and respond with a review on the forum within 30 days of receiving them.

First 10 people to comment are first to get the free sample! Sorry - this is for people in the USA only right now.


(Brian Datz) #2

Would love to test some strings for you.

(Zakai) #3

I would love some more but, I already tried them.


Do noob player reviews count?


I’d be interested in testing some strings.

(André Boulay) #6

All perspectives are welcome. Sometimes new players might not be able to put into words how something works for specific whips or slacks but you can still speak to the overall ‘quality’ or ‘longevity’ of the string and personal opinions which is what we are looking for here with @MonkeyFingerYOYO. :blush:


well in that case I’ll test some strings

(Priyanka) #8

Yes please!! Thanks :raised_hands:t4::ok_hand:t4:


I would very much like to test these strings out, it will make for a very unbiased review

(Ken) #10

I’d love to test!


I’ll test :slight_smile:


Lemme know if spots are still open, I’m definitely interested


Just in case it doesn’t work out for one of the others, I’m up for this!


I would be super honored to try out and review MonkeyFinger’s Vines and I hope I get the opportunity!!

(Thomas Bailey) #15

I love monkeyfinger, and would love to be a tester for you all!


Bear in mind the post says USA only folks!

(Rock Shouse) #17

I would be happy and feel privileged to test the Vines and then write a review for the forum members.


I would be honored

(Conor Neumann) #19

I would love to try Vines by Monkey Finger!!:fire:


I would like to try it.