VINES by MonkeyFinger - testing opportunity!

(Justin Thompson) #21

I know Im way past 10, but I’ll claim a back up position.


My yoyos are demanding a MonkeyFinger string test. I promised them I’d post just to keep them quiet, that’s all.


yo ill try some haha

(Tyler) #24

If someone drops I’ll try them out and write a review.


Same here even though I’m a super noob. I’m pretty sure MonkeyFinger has something to do with the new OD Deep State I just bought…


Er whuuut where did you buy that from?


A little hole in the wall


Looks like custom ano to me, seriously, where did it come from?


Looks like a MonkeyFinger ano


Yeah agreed, just curious of its provenance. I don’t think Monkeyfinger takes on custom ano jobs any more, e.g. the text at

(Choncworth) #31

There are some like this for sale on a popular online auction site.


Yeah, I got it there.

(Mash Mastar) #33

I am your guy! Ray is probably rolling over screaming noooo!


Yeah I don’t really have a clue, I just saw it on eBay and liked the color. I wanted to buy a Deep State but wasn’t really thrilled about the colors available on here. Apparently this one was custom anodized and maybe upgraded in another way somehow? I’m not really sure what’s been done to it; but, I really liked the color so I bought it.

Sorry I’m not of more assistance, I just still don’t really know what I’m doing…

(Tyler) #35

It’s okay, I’m 6 months in and still haven’t a clue what I’m doing :joy:


Can any of y’all tell me more about it?


When we have our review, do we post it here, or on a new topic?

(André Boulay) #39

You can start a new topic under #yo-yo-reviews




RidinSPinners: that was done as a set for a long time customer. I did 4 of them in total, 3 were done in our original colour ways. Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru the one you have is the Iwazaru colour way.

What did you get in the mail this week?