Monkey Finger Vines Review

Monkey Finger Vines Review:

To preface this review, my standard strings I use are Heart Strings ‘The White’. I have also spent a lot of time with blueprint strings, kitty nylon 1.5 and bbb string theory strings. The main yoyos used were the CLYW Manatee and Yoyo Scientific Triple Point.

Onto the review!

The colors are very bright compared to some other brands of yoyo string, especially compared to nylon 1.5s.

The strings are a bit rougher than expected. This is not necessarily a bad thing to me (I learned using blueprints which were quite rough); however, for others that get string burn easy, I would proceed with caution.

For the normal, green strings, the whips and slacks are slower compared to the nylon I’m used to, which was expected. This made some tricks a bit easier, giving more time to find the loops mid-air. The phat, yellow strings were right between the green and ‘The White’ nylon strings I used. To me this was a bit of a sweet spot, giving me the opportunity to hit some tricks easier (longer loop open times), yet still have enough whipping power to make some whips/ hooks easier (double Hidemasa hook).

Binds are one of my favorite types of tricks in yoyoing. If I throw 5 times, I bind it 5 different ways. This leads to some odd slack binds. The normal thickness strings were not quite thick enough for my taste in this aspect. They would bind very well on my standard binds; however, with some of the trickier binds, I wasn’t able to consistently land them. The phat string on the other hand was amazing for all binds I threw at it.

I would estimate that I could use the vines about 1.5 times longer than a kitty nylon 1.5. I normally use about 2 kitty nylon 1.5 per week, whereas the vine lasted nearly a week.

For $0.35 a pop, they are worth the money spent! If I look into getting a bulk poly string again soon, phat vines will be at the top of my list. It gives just enough of a boutique feel, some bump in quality compared to kitty, and has the performance I am looking for, and all at an affordable price.

Please ask any questions you have! I have not reviewed many items before so any questions to get more info out of me would be greatly appreciated.