MonkeyFingeR Vines Review

I think the most efficient way to review these strings is to compare them to Kitty string fat because everybody has tried them.
I received yellow fat MonkeyFingeR string and green normal thickness string. The yellow string took about ten minutes to break in and until then it was constantly snagging this is due to it being thicker then Fat Kitty String. The green string snagged a bit in the beginning as well but after five minutes it was great. The normal thickness string was about the same width as Fat Kitty. Even after break in I found both strings to be quite rough. This probably played a part in the snagging in the beginning. The major benefit I found is that the MonkeyFingeR string last much longer then Fat Kitty string. The whips on these strings were amazing! Much better then fat kitty. They also tend to keep there tension for a very long time. Overall I think these strings are great for long practice sessions.

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I noticed the “roughness” of the Vines, and actually really like that. I didn’t notice any snagging with mine. Love the overall feel of them and how long they last, once I need strings I’ll probably be switching over to them. Love the length too!

I think I’ve found my new bulk string…