Unspoken Murmur or OD Parlay?

Just looking for input on these throws. I’m having a hard time deciding which to pick up first. Has anyone tried both? If so which do you prefer more?

I’ve owned both and ended up selling my Murmur. The Murmur and Parlay are very similar in that they’re both pretty unforgiving. I ultimately ended up keeping the Parlay because it’s a side effect yoyo. I never had any problems with the Murmur. I just always reached for my Parlay more often.


Thanks for the input! I have to admit I would just get the Parlay as I’ve heard a lot of great things about it but man IMO the Murmur is one of the nicest looking yoyos. I haven’t heard too much about the Murmur though. I’m sure I’ll end up getting both eventually. Maybe I’ll get the Parlay first then.

I ended up going with the Parlay. Thanks!

OK…you better get that Murmur too!? You haven’t heard all the good things about it? Check-out G2 Jake’s Review!


I did watch that! He’s my favorite reviewer. What I have heard is great I just haven’t heard to much talk about it. Not like the Parlay. Everyone seems to love the Parlay. I will definitely pick up the Murmur too. As far as looks go, I’m not sure there is a better looking yoyo than the Murmur IMO.

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you’ll love it!


I’ve had both, but I’ve had 3 Parlays and only one Murmur. Still have 2 Parlays. Still regret letting go of the Murmur. If you get one, @EmpiricalWorm , and don’t like it for some insane reason, let me know. We can work out some kind of back-alley deal where it leaves your hands.


Haha awesome. Thank you for the insurance policy. I definitely see no reason to not get a Murmur now. I take it you really like the Parlay? Do you prefer it over the Murmur do to the side effects alone?

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I love the both! Just sold the Murmur to get something else and haven’t seen one pop up since. It’s on my shortlist

Ok gotcha. Yeah I think I would really like the Murmur too. I’m not a great thrower or anything but I just can’t help but love organics. They make the few tricks I know so much more challenging and fun. Organics keep me honest and I love them for that. If I want to feel better than I am I grab my Grasshopper GTX or something along those lines haha.

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