Under $50

What are the best yoyos on YYE at the moment that is under about $50? All brands count and the best colorways do matter ;D ;D ;D

I was thinking a YYO or a C3 Level 6

Please support your answer


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protostar. Fact.


Classic. Ask what the best is of any price: *

i like the YYO Musket and the YYf Czm8 the most

want a metal


Nah no cool colorways and I want to try a new brand


czm8 is well balanced cuts through the air like butter,very nice walled V shape.and good at finger spins.
also is great for grinds.
The musket is just nimble and midsized,so much fun,blows my mind every time i play with it,DEFINITELY worth the price buddy.

I’d second the musket, it’s just a solid throw. great shape has a nice floaty feel with plenty of spin time and i like the the lines in the catch zone.

I guess I’m getting the Musket! Is it better than the Level 6 or no? Also what colorway should I get? I’m looking towards the one that looks like CLYW Bliazzard

I haven’t tried a Musket, but YYO makes great throws. But, you will NOT be disappointed by the Level 6. It’s really smooth and the V shape makes tricks much easier for people like me who aren’t superstars… yet! :wink:

I have both a musket and a level 6. I much prefer the musket over the L6. Nothing is really wrong with the L6 but I dunno the musket is more fun. I find myself going back to the musket every now and then while my L6 hasn’t had a string on it in months.

as far as color goes that’s all up to you man.

In the 50 dollar range I’ve only thrown the Orbis and the prototype TooHot and I greatly prefer the Orbis. It plays fast and light but is still really strong spinning and stable. It seems similar in play to the Queen by 2sickyoyos but at half the price. (The Queen is still totally worth it though.)

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Magic t5 is an unbelievable throw selling as low as $6 if you search hard enough. I got one a month ago and it plays amazing.

The musket is amazing I got one for Christmas it is so much fun to play with!!!

All the paint jobs are awsome just pick your favorite you will not be disappointed.

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