$50 or less Yoyos

I’ve been running with my Onestar for sooooo long, I needed an metal upgrade. My birthday is coming up; however, I already have some money to upgrade. (My budget might change a bit) Anyways, I know some will suggest YYF, and such, but I want something really different. I have been looking at YYO for such a long time, and really want to try the Musket or new Kilter. I’m also thinking if having wider throws will make a difference in my style, and I have been recently looking at the Teleport. Any suggestions will do, and I’m hoping I will find the perfect yoyo :slight_smile:

Okay so far, I’ve narrowed it down to these yoyos: YYF CzechPoint, Whimsy YoYo Roar, YYO Musket, & YYO Jaegar, YYO Orbis, Rebellion Acro, Rebellion Butcher

Buy something on the bst if you are wanting a metal. If wanting something new, get a onedrop rally. It’s plastic but amazing.

That was also a good suggestion, and I was luvin the mango haha. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:



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This really brings in the “nuff said” vibe haha. I’ll look into the Czech Point, thanks :slight_smile:

Okay so far, I’ve narrowed it down to these yoyos: YYF CzechPoint, Whimsy YoYo Roar, YYO Musket, & YYO Jaegar

I can take in more suggestions/requests :slight_smile:

the whimsy roar is probably a really good choice for the price (also whimsy is selling some on sale now for $40 right now which makes them a steal now if you want one) they are very smooth. However since your looking for a wider throw you may want to look at something else since it’s not as wide as some other yoyos on your list.

I recently bought 2 YYO Orbis’ to use at SER. I have to say, best I have used in the $50 range. It does generally come with a tiny vibe, as I have heard is common in most YYO Yo-Yos. But other than that it doesn’t get much better. Just my personal opinion.

I also recommend the new Rebellion series by yoyorecreation. I have heard spectacular things about them.

If you’re still unsure about throws, check out the reviews. People post some great reviews on yo-yos, and that is how I found my way to the Orbis.

Best of luck to you!

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I love the Duncan Torque, and I own many 100+ dollar throws.

It just has so much character (keep in mind the design is nearly identical to YYM’s Checkmate, which is much more expensive… the design looks kinda stolen. The cup of the Torque is unique though)

Check out the Rebellion series as well.

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Thanks for the yoyos guys! Keep 'em coming. I really want to treat myself to something special :slight_smile:

EDIT: WOOOW. I am blown away by the Rebellion series by YYR! I’ve never heard about it until now thanks to Jonesie and Someone (you guys are awesome :slight_smile: ) I love organic shapes the most so Imma put the Acro on the list


Personally, I wouldn’t buy the Teleport. Simply put, it just isn’t all that great. As a novelty, it’s interesting, but as a throw that you’re going to be using all the time I wouldn’t recommend it, not with there being so many other better options out there for the price.

Any of these is a fantastic choice, and I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed with any of them. If all you’re used to is a Onestar, prepare to enjoy a massive performance upgrade with whatever one of these that you choose. :slight_smile:

I’m super stoked to hear that :slight_smile: thanks so much!

I can’t tell what exactly you are looking for, but I think if you love long spinning, smooth, and all around “able” yoyo, CZPoint is a really good choice. It’s a giant step up from my other yoyos and I love making combos with it because it really flows.

I was going to post rebellion but these guys ninjad me lol.

Another option is Yoyofactory 2hot.

And obviously butcher and acro by rebellion.

I recommend the Rebellion Butcher, the part where it is manufactured in China is not bad as you think. It has that premium metal feel, dead smooth, it did remind me of a CLYW Avalanche. BTW, how come there’s no CzechPoints here yet?

same. I was wondering where the heck they were :stuck_out_tongue:

CzechPoint are initially a Europe only release. We will get the second run I THINK, but I know for certain that it is initially a Europe only release. I seem to recall something about July for YYE release

^ Yup, initially they were just released in Europe, but we will have them soon!

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Someone is right. I own several throws from the $50 range and my favorite is the Duncan Torque.

Any new colors? I’ve heard (and hoped) that green splash is coming.