under $110: string trick yoyo

Thanks in advance for your help.
Here’s my situation:
I started with a yomega dash, liked the weight, seems well balanced, but too responsive, chews through fresh string like a hungry animal, and has a weird sized yomega bearing, so I cannot fit my konkave in it.

Next, I purchased a ceramic konkave bearing (size .250 x .188 x .500) and yoyojam Lyn Fury, because I hear that lyn’s are great to learn on, and I love the gap size, except my bearing favors one side (the bearing groove is deep, and the string is in constant contact with the wall and cuts the sleep time to under a minute) and wobbles quite a bit.

So, I’m looking for a good setup for string tricks. (please recommend new spacers, shims, yoyo, different bearing, anything). I’d just put shims in my dash, but I fear that it might damage something. I also believe that other yoyos may play much better than a $20 yomega.

If you suggest a yoyo, I like the weight of 65-70, gap size 4-5 (unresponsive), possibly able to fit my bearing, stable, good for string tricks and maybe grinds later on, and I’d like to spend no more than $110 shipped(though cheaper is better).

I’m currently eyeing a $90 yoyofactory g5 2010 edition.
Suggestions? (and where to find your suggested item[s])

If you can bind well, I would get the protege because it is relatively cheap it plays great and is dead unresponsive you can get here at yye

I would also recommend you get lube string etc

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I’ll recommend two yoyos

  1. YYF Dv888 - with your concave in it

  2. SPYY Pro - with your concave in it

These are 2 great yoyos dead unresponsive and great string trick yoyos

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If you’re saying that you can’t get the Dash to sleep long enough because it’s too responsive, you’re wrong. Responsiveness has nothing to do with sleep time unless you aren’t a fairly smooth yoyoer, in which case responsiveness is good so that you can become much smoother.

The sleep time and string not being centered both have to do with your throw. Keep yoyoing and your throw will improve and you won’t have to worry about those things. I don’t have an awesome throw, but my throw is good enough and I can do whatever I want to do with my Maverick, Dash, and plastic yoyo, as well as my Wedgie. Just keep working and you’ll get there.

Better is subjective. No yoyo you find will be better than another (minus a few exceptions of course), especially the Dash. Nothing (minus exceptions) will be better, just different. If you like the specifications (size, shape, weight, etc) of the Dash, there probably won’t be anything “better” for you.

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just keep what you have. The Lyn fury is a great yoyo. You don’t even need that expensive bearing.

If you want it to be less responsive, silicone it.

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Protege seems like a great yoyo, and it’s in stock.
The Dv888’s shape seems to have lots of potential. Where should I buy one? K-pad response or 888 size pad (should i silicone it)? I can only find K-pad Dv888’s.
Is there any noticeable difference between yyf Protege, Dv888, and spyy pro (other than color)?

Wow, I’ve never heard of lube string. Does one use oil, grease, wax?
I use 50/50 poly/cotton size 6 string at the moment.

I’ll try to silicone my lyn. Does window sealant silicone from home depot work?
Is there any way to narrow the hole in the yoyo where the bearing rests (it’s too wide, so the bearing is not centered)? and reduce the wobble? At the moment, I just use the flat (stock) bearing instead, because I can’t get the kk to stay centered.

Although the Dash is my favorite of my (two) yoyos, I do not have a quality yoyo store near me to try out other yoyos, so my preference for certain yoyo shapes is limited.
The store near me sells raiders, brains, and fireballs…

You can find a Dv888 at most yoyo stores and I think YYE is getting more in stock soon but im not certain. The Dv888 has a pretty good sized gap with a h-shape combined with round shape. Its an undersized throw and will give you outstanding sleep times.

The SPYY Pro is all gap. Sleeps can range anywhere from 2-10 min depending on your throw. Its beadblasted+annodized so that will give you great grinds. The gap on this yoyo is huge so it can help you with landing the yoyo on the string. The shape is a wing shape.

I havent had the chance to try a Protege but I’ve heard great things about it.
As for silicone I wouldnt silicone these yoyos because there great without it!
BTW you can pick up silicone at your local hardware store. Window sealant works along with flowable silicone for cars ( I forget what its used for )

And for the KK bearing I dont think it fits the lynn fury because of the size I think it fits YYF not YYJ but im not certain. A speed bearing will work great with the lynn.

Hope this helped ;D

Just to clarify - the Lyn Fury uses a size C bearing - .250 x .500 x .187. Most YYFs also use a size C bearing. The Lyn Fury can handle any trick you can throw at it. If you want it to play less responsively, remove the o-rings and silicone it, like A Person suggested, and you can also install the YYJ red shims.

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Thanks for correcting me i wasnt sure

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Well, since the Dv888 seems like a great yoyo for me, can anyone tell me where to purchase one (yoyexpert is out of them)?
and which Dv888 I should get (K-pad or slim pad version)?

Since I can’t find the slim pad version, I don’t mind waiting for it to restock if it’s the better yoyo, and if it’s not discontinued.
I see K-pad version at $65, if this is the better version.

I will also silicone my lyn fury and use it for now.

I’m still open to any other suggestions, if you have any.

Ive played both the slim pad and kpad version.
Personally I like the slim pad better.

Try yoyo galaxy they have it in stock ( slim pad dv888 ) for $65

And if that doesnt work you can always try other online stores or the YYE B/S/T


Dude he just needs a new throw.

what do you like more about the slim pad, as opposed to the k-pad?
any thoughts on the yoyofactory yuuksta?

I feel that the slim pad version just binds better + plays lighter on the string and thats what I like in a yoyo

As for the Yuuksta Ive never played it. I considered it but I think its full sized and comes with the center track bearing Overall not my favorite setup


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The Yuuksta is actually undersized - 50mm in diameter, 39 in width, so very similar in size to the 888.

Exactly why I’m also considering yuuksta, since it’s in the same price range and roughly the same size.
But I don’t know if the finish differs. Since it’s a newer yoyo (i think), the design might be upgraded?
I’ve read that the yuuksta is stable like a genesis, but have no idea what that’s supposed to mean, because I’ve never played a genesis, yuuksta, or dv888.

I own both a Dv888, and a Yuuksta, and I believe the Yuuksta is just about 110% better. Its really smooth, and doesnt seem to tilt on me, but it seems my Dv888 has this odd vibe to it… overall, I like the Yuuksta, and i think you would to. But get some strings, thin lube, extra K pads. BTW, your KK would fit the Yuuksta. Then you can make it even better! ;D

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The yuuksta uses which response? (or which might fit)
CBC slim pad white(888)
slim k-pad yellow(888)

My guess is that since they are both 888, they should both fit?

they will both fit no worries

It sounds like you’re not screwing the yoyo together all the way. If you do that there’s no reason why the KK should not be centered. The LF has a fairly large gap so that should work ok, or if you really think it needs to be larger then shims are in order - one on each side.

If after you screw it down all the way, if it’s still not centered then you have the bearing cocked on the seat or something else is wrong.

Others have given good advice on throw, tuning etc.

As far as yoyos go, why do you think you need something that costs as much as $110? You can get very good performing yoyos in the $20-$40 range. A more expensive yoyo won’t make you a better yoyo player any time soon. That’s not to say don’t get an expensive yoyo. Just keep your expectations in check.