Uh oh..... now I like thin strings

So this has probably been done to death, this is more of my preference has suddenly changed so much, wow! Thread rather than a thin vs fat debate.

So apart from when I just started I never used thin strings, back then my hands were a lot softer and it hurt as the string cut into me a little.
Also, my binds were, even more, sloppier than now so I didn’t like how they made things more slippy.

Since then I have been using fat strings (which is basically standard thickness these days it seems) and now I am a massive Airetics fanboy as most that know me well already will know.
I have just over a 100 Airetics standard (which is quite fat and chunky) left in my personal stock.

Yesterday I received my new YYR POM Draupnir that I bought from BST, and it was a bit snaggy at first, so I thought why not try and put in one of the thin strings that a friend gave me (a pack of 10 Original Throw Standard) and I was like wow…
Since then I have spent hours today trying it on all my yoyos and in 1A and 5A.

Personally I didn’t expect to like them, but they seem to give me a lot more feel and feedback. And maybe that’s why but I feel like for me personally I am getting a lot more control over the yoyo, and my tricks are landing more cleanly, sharper, and controlled. Also I like how when throwing multiple strings in the gap it doesn’t seem to bunch up it feels very clean and I find it binds much better.

Perhaps it’s not binding as easily, but I can tug on the yoyo hard to get a nice tight bind, no tails or any of these spaghetti binds I sometimes get and it just feels so clean to bind on, might even get a better throw it seems.

I know, I know people will tell me strings doesn’t matter, go practice more, but you all know me I practice all the time.

My preferences might change again in the future as I get cleaner with my tricks and binds and then I end up going back to fatter strings.

For now, I am really digging the thin strings, even for 5a (or what basic tricks I can muster so far).

I think I had a revelation, I might convert to standard thickness strings for a while.
Not sure what strings to try, maybe OT will be a good place to start as I like what I am using, (just hate the fact it’s white lol, I like it highly visible and yellow).

Just a PSA to throw it out there that your tastes change over time, maybe try out strings or yoyos that you didn’t like before and give it another chance, you may be surprised and even doubt your previous choices!

Personally, I never saw myself ever preferring a thinner string. On paper, thicker string binds better, whips better, slacks better, softer, more comfortable, why would you ever not? Doesn’t make sense, but right now a thin string feels much nicer for me and giving me the confidence to go hard on the tricks and go hard on the binds.

I might be honeymooning but it is what it is, and now suddenly I am all excited to try an organic yoyo again, I wrote this off as not my thing, but fortunately, I do have a raw grail on the way!

Maybe I should even give flat bearings another shot :slight_smile:


Yeah I use different types of strings and although in general I do prefer them fatter I do also like thinner strings. You don’t have to stick with one type!

With regards to enjoying feel and feedback that is what I find you get from high wall/organic yoyos and also flat bearings, this is something you also get from wooden fixed axle yoyos as well. This is what yoyo is all about (to me)


Hey, let’s not go over the edge here.


Nice! Last night I used my first Markmont Blue Eyed White Dragon string in my Top Deck and I was like WHHOOOAAA!!! It did not feel like any other string I had ever used and right from the first quick little combo I got an adrenalin rush and was so excited.


I prefer my slim airetics to my standard, but dont notice too much of a difference.


Do you stretch your Airetics? I like the regs stretched, but when I stretch the slims, they feel kinda lifeless.

Do you use slims more often than regs? I’ve heard a lot of people say they don’t care for the slims, but personally I like them, not quite as fun as regs, but they’re a better all round string IMO.


I stretch them for like 20 or 30 seconds when I put them on, thats about it. I use them about the same, I use only 1 string at a time because they last forever, so I alternate to the other when one gets too worn for my taste.


Quick question, out of Markmont Formulas those that are standard thickness (like kitty standard, and not fat) but not soft strings are just the yellow Cirrus Foam and the Draken?

Other ones are thicker fat strings?

Maybe @Markmont or @ryanmcg can help me pick out some thin (standard kitty thickness) formula strings to try :slight_smile:

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Try the Dragon ones, they are pretty thin


Dragon isn’t thin.


Other formulas in the same thickness range as Draken and Cirrus Foam are

MF Amy
MF Rebby
MF 65


And Night Moves?


Thanks @Markmont , I think I like it coarse so will be interested in Draken mostly but I might pick up a pack of each in the thin range to try.

Are they similar thickness to your night moves?


Yup forgot about that one

MF Night Moves


Oh! They seem pretty thin to me, not that I am disagreeing with what you say especially because I am talking from my own experience of not being able to buy/try very many this side of the ocean!

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I hear you, I’m just making sure anyone reading what you wrote doesn’t presume that as fact, because by the way I have the sizing denoted/categorized, that formula doesn’t classify as ‘thin’, and draken is literally the ‘thinner’ version of Dragon. Just being clear on the context.

Also yes - sochi fat is roughly the thickness of Cirrus Foam, which I classify as regular. Sochi regular and kitty regular, I would personally classify ‘those’ as ‘thin’ strings.


Ah I get you now @Markmont. So your “thinner strings” like night move and draken are like kitty fat thickness and there isn’t a thin (kitty normal) thickness? I still want to give them a go though :slight_smile:

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I like all the cool prose you use to describe your various formulae, but I get bogged down trying to read through all that when I’m trying to make a choice.

It would be nice if you had a little recap about each string to go along with the paragraph. Like a little specs section. Maybe even get YYE to add a specs tab.

Thickness: Thin
Composition: Poly
Good for: Speed Play
Whips: Fast Speed
Wear: Slow Break in/long Lasting
Texture: Not super soft

or whatever…

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You’re talking about the regular Dragons right?
The Blue Eyes are very thin to me…but I once got into a debate with someone who thought I was wrong about them being thin.
But honestly, they’re one of the thinnest I’ve tried.

Also…they are hands down my favorite strings ATM. Man they’re great!


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