Thick or Thin string, not for ease of binds, but for sleep times..

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I used to prefer thick string (BG1 yellow Jackets). It bound easy and reliably. I thought things were dandy until i tried a thin one (Cloud) and the game changed for me. I noticed that while I have to finesse the bind a bit more to grab, my sleep times have increased tremendously. Talking yoooge difference in favor for thin. Thin seems to grab tighter, better, and longer on the throw where as the fats usually slipped out and thudded a tiny bit at the end of the string.

Ive heard others say the opposite, that fat string gives better sleeps. What is your experience? Am I on to something, crazy, or just have better technique these days that gives an illusion of better performance of a different piece of equip?


I feel like it’s probably technique or maybe a difference in yoyos you are using.

I guess technically the fat string may rub against the sides more than thin but the effects of this are likely negligible.

I haven’t worried about spin times for a long time (since I did that terrible 5 minute video of a snap start on my replay pro) so I have never attempted to see the difference on my own…


I personally find myself leaning more towards thinner string for longer sleeps. Using nice fat and fluffy string is super smooth on the fingers and binds are a cinch.(pun not intended) I personally feel that the fatter the string, the more it rubs against the response system, thus slowing it down. However, this is just my opinion and holds no factual evidence. Also Cloud string opened my eyes to a whole new world of string styles. It’s hands down my favorite, but I use them sparingly as I only have 2 brand new ones left.(even though they last for months)


I believe he’s talking about practical spin times while playing with the yoyo, not endurance numbers?

My two favorites for unresponsive are Angel Hair and Cloud String, But I like to have different options for different yoyos. Sometimes if the string gap is gargantuan, or if for whatever reason I can’t get it to act the way I like, I might try a bit thicker string and/or poly. Two of my favorites are YYSL- Venom, and Epic Strings- Whips Whippy. I haven’t tried the other Epic Strings, and I see they are not in stock ATM. I also haven’t tried YYSL- Ammo. I have heard good things about both.

I like Candy Wires- Fat as well, if I feel like using a thicker string, but I don’t think they last as long as Ammo for poly.

But yeah, I think thicker and fuzzier string can slow spin.


So for clarity sake, it sounds like what you are saying is that your binds are tighter with thinner string.

And that causes less slipping on the throw, which causes more spin.

NOT - that the thickness of the string effects sleep time once the yoyo is spinning.

String centering bearings mean that there should be basically no string touching the yoyo if it’s just spinning.

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Yes , exactly. :smiley:


I feel like gap width might play into this, on a yoyo that’s close to 4mm gap or even narrower you might want a thinner string, but for yoyos with a gap in the upper ranges maybe a fatter string would aid in binds while not having issues with multiple string wraps. Also the wall could matter a fair bit, older high wall yoyos seem to not appreciate thick strings in my experience, not that it’s game breaking, but it’s noticable. personally I just use type x with everything.


Oh! Okay :slight_smile: yeah, not what I was thinking.


But I use Buddha on everything because I can’t get Blue Print any more :frowning:


I have about 50 blueprints left then they are gone :frowning: it’s sad that werrd doesn’t put out more products :frowning: great price and great string.


Thinking about the original question, I’m wondering if the issue is material rather than thickness? I’ve had yoyos lose grip at the end of the string, and it does really kill the spin. You would think that thicker string would be better, but… Dust, are the thin strings you use all nylon?

I never thought about it before, but Angle Hair can be a bit more temperamental, as can Cloud, when it comes to getting it to bind, but with both, once it does bind, it grips tight through the whole throw.


Yeah, I believe that gap width plays a huge part when it comes to choosing strings. I use normal (Kitty) and fat (Kitty and Candy Wires) strings, it depends on the throw I am using.

But also consider play style, technique, preference, etc etc.

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You might be right about material… Once I get some Fat Clouds ill be sure to do lots of tests. (yes they are real, and no they arent out yet, but soon!)
Cloud and Angel Hair are my #1 and #2 strings. I use either-or for all my throws for the most part. My 4a has some generic one that is doing just fine.


Fat clouds now exist! This I must try!


Ive been throwing a sample of the fat Cloud String for a few days now. I like it a lot more for everyday use. Its thicker and not quite as bouncy. Still whips crazy fast and hasn’t started to fray or show any signs of wear yet.


Very interesting. I would of thought that being thicker it would of slowed the whips down a bit. The bounce was one thing I really liked about clouds. Is there a estimated date on the release?