Any thin string recommendations?


Hello everyone, I recently got a yoyo that prefers thin strings. Any recommendations as to which are best? Thanks!


Angel hairs are thin and work pretty well :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried thin kitty string but that would be a good route I would assume. G-String strings are thin as well, and are pretty good strings.

Just a few ideas…

(InvaderDust) #3

+1 for Angel Hair, assuming you dont mind a rougher feeling string at first. It does seem to soften a bit with use but not much.

Also Cloud strings are great again, assuming you are ok with a new dynamic of un-ending bouncyness. The spring just never goes away.

Those are the only “thin” strings i have tried but really enjoy them both. Using Angel Hairs now to see how they wear over time. If they last half as long as a cloud string, I may have a new contendoer for favirot string. One for bounce one for rigid. Time will tell as Clouds have proven themselves time and time again to be worth the money by a long shot, so long as the feeling isnt a deal breaker. You just gotta try one sometime to see if they are for you. I love em, alot dont. :slight_smile:


I 2nd cloud string if you’re ok with spending a 10-pack worth of money on a single string ;D


I haven’t had the chance to use any thin strings yet myself. What are the advantages to it? And how long does it last compared to a normal thickness poly or nylon string?


Longevity depends upon the actual string and material you are using. To me at least, the main advantages are not getting snags as much or those times mid trick when your yoyo binds and comes flying back to you.

(InvaderDust) #7

At first i liked fat string, then as i piled on the hours i found it working to my disadvantage more often than (k)not. Once going to thinner strings alot of my mystery problems of sudden and fierce binds in mid trick disappeared and I progressed where i was hitting a wall before. Ive also noticed tighter binds and longer sleep times as well after switching to thin.


I think the tighter binds are just in your head, it’s not really logical that thinner string gives tighter binds than thick. Thinner strings snag less because there’s less response which means slippier and looser binds