String recommendations for inexperienced

This may not be the right place to put this, so feel free to move wherever necessary. For the past year or so I have been working through a package of angel hair string (stuff lasts long). Before that I didn’t really take note of the type of string I was using, so the only things I know I like are the angel hair and the default string yyf packages with their throws. I am assuming I have used polyester, but I do not know for a fact. What would be some good string to pick up next? I like the length of the yyf stock (longer), but I also like the feeling of the angel hair (slicker). What would you recommend as a good, decently cheap, middle ground?

Kitty strings are pretty cheap, are extra long, and feel good on the hands.I like the normal thickness the most because it snags less than thick, but i have not tried the thin ones.

Not the cheapest but Toxic Dragons are super slick super long and last FOREVER I washed one once and it lasted almost a month.

Normal kitty strings. Why?

  1. they are very long, but can easily be trimmed to the right size.
  2. They are cheap, at only $15 for 100 strings.
  3. Some people find them as good as high end specialty strings, but at less then half the price… I love the nylons, but i wont recommend those, they are unique.
  4. Colors. Any solid color most people would look for, they have.
  5. They last pretty long.

These strings are good for noobs and professional yoyoers alike!

Well i sell string called jackrabbits that are $3.00 a ten pack, i give discounts the more you buy, at three dollars it is just a tad less expensive than kitty string witch is used by many for is cheapness and overall play-ability. I consider my jackrabbits to play very similarly but overall better.

these. Reminds me I still need to buy a couple packs :slight_smile:

Just shoot me a pm, if your lucky you could get the first ten pack on a new set of spools.

Oh yeah, forgot they lasted so long too. I used the same string for two months!

I’ve tried a whole wack of different brands, and I have some preferences. But without itemizing everything, I have to say that Kitty should do just fine! I like the Fat ones myself because I’m not doing a lot of string layering but I DO like practicing trick binds. Trick binds benefit from the slightly (and I mean -slightly-) fatter string.

If you’re inexperienced, just go with YYE 100% polyester or Kitty Normal. If you need longer, go Kitty Normal. I find for me, YYE 100% poly bulk is already “my length”.

For those who are inexperienced, I wouldn’t worry too much about the expensive strings. What is more important right now is you concentrate on developing your skills. You don’t have to become a grand master busting out expert tricks without effort, you just need more skills. At some point, you’re going to want to try some other strings. When you feel this urge, I suggest you go ahead and buy some small packs and try stuff out. For me, right now, I’m on YoYoStringLabs Type X right now. However, I still have loads of YYE 100% poly which I have no problems using on anything and will continue to buy more of in the future.

I will say that the only thing that matters is that when you’re ready, do buy some small amounts of various strings. Find what you like. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says what you should or shouldn’t get.

I intend to order a 100-count of Twisted’s Trixta string as well n the not to distant future.

Thicker strings can help make binding easier to start. I think Studio42’s suggestion to try different types is right on the money. I never used anything other than Kitty string for the longest time, but when a purchased yoyo came with a string that was as thick as yarn, I thought, “Who would use this? It’s way too thick.” But when I did try it, I found that various types of trick binds were much easier to accomplish because the thick string was like training wheels. Then once you’ve had time to practice, you can take the training wheels off and graduate back to thinner strings.

I have been throwing unresponsive for a year, so I don’t think I have to worry about binding. Im thinking about going with the kitty normal. Would anyone be able to tell me how long it is?

More than long enough i assume. I’m 5’11" and cut off 6"-8" with a decent sized loop. The Kitty nylon is amazing btw, and the 1.5 they’re about to release looks like it’ll be great.

Can’t seem to find much info on the 1.5 other than this:

Got any more info?

That’s pretty much it. And this picture they posted on the FB earlier.

Looks nice.

angle hair is nylon string, if you like it then you might want to pick up kitty string nylon. :wink:
Its not very common any more and maybe why everyone over looked it.
If you want some standard poly then I suggest kitty string. I like the fat stuff the most.
Anyhow just thought I would pop in here and clear that up.

YoyoStringLab type X would probably fit your preferences.

Not very common? It can be found multiple places, including right here: . Definitely my favorite. I like slim for small bearing yoyos, nylon for everything else, and occasionally use fat for tricky binds, but it tends to make the yoyo bite me if i get more than a few layers, so i only use it sparingly.

I meant the specific brand angle hair, not nylon of the brand and make that you suggested that I also suggested right before hand. But to be clear gregs brand of string is not as common as it once was. :wink:

I miss angel hair. I have about 10 pieces left and I’m cherishing them still