ugliest yoyo?

I’m sure you’ve all seen a yoyo that, wheter it be the shape or the finish, just looks terrible. what do you think is the ugliest yoyo you’ve ever seen?

The Face by Your. Lol.

I can’t really think of any that I’ve seen were “ugly” at all.

The rock candy cosmos, don’t get me wrong i think the regular cosmos are cool looking but the finish on the rock candy are terrible looking.

image image image

The timeless painted yoyos on yoyoguy… some of those make me wanna barf.

but they’re beautiful on the inside ::slight_smile:

yeah the regular 3yo3s look good because of ther simplicity IMO

image image


My old legacy is really ugly. I tried to dye it blue, but it came out some ugly brownish blackish color. I also tried some masking on one half. YYJ plastic doesnt dye well. take a look:

Daniel Dow uploaded this image to

Actually my F.A.S.T. 201 looks like a piece of crap. One side is spray painted black, and the other is like greay but smooth. It looks so weird. Too bad it plays like a bat outta…

The envy by H-spin


Take that back, the Envy is a Beutiful yoyo.

im going to have to agree with you there that yoyo is fugly. haha

I agree

Almost all I love yoyo is ugly to me :stuck_out_tongue:

TAKE IT BACK!!! I love my Envy to death; it’s beautiful! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so maybe you need some glasses or something. Or maybe my eye’s just messed up. ;D

The ugliest yoyo I ever saw, hands down, was a poorly modded FHZ I got for five bucks. It was half white and half black, with tarnished spacers, a mediocre sili recess on one side and a fugly pad recess on the other side that was deep enough to hold silicone forever. It had schmoove rings with black gunk in them that looked like they were done with a pocketknife, and whoever did it continued the rings as deep, ragged grooves, spaced unevenly but around 1/4" apart, all the way out to the rim. To top it off, the black cap was cracked and all that was left of the white cap was the outside edge; the middle had been broken out. It actually played pretty good, but it was so ugly I just had to fill both sides with silicone, make it H-shaped and put FH2 weight rings in it to get rid of the nastyness. It may be uglier now, because I did it with a drill and a chisel, but at least it’s pretty even. When I get a lathe, that yoyo’s the first thing I’m fixing.

NOOOOOOOOO!!! :open_mouth:

How could you!??!?!?!!! :wink:

Death By YoYo EKG is probably my least favorite yoyo as far as looks are concerned. But, as the poster above me said, it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

B!st yoyos look like crap, ILYYs look like crap, and the original Mighty Flea is ugly also.


Agreed with all of those.

Noctu, how can people catch that with such sharp rims.

I saw some at PNWR and they actually looked amazing, even ask Josh (Jayyo), he agrees. But I hated the play.

I just don’t like it, the candy blast is disgusting to me, it just , it’s just, wierd :stuck_out_tongue:

I must agree!