ugliest yoyo?

Not ugly, the shape is just… “Different”.

…I agree…sure its revolutionary, but i really dont like the shape, its just…blech

Eeeeeeewwwww. Puke.

The old DM
The new one looks great but the old one looks really bad :-\

Honestly the only real ugly yoyo is a broken one.

LOL yeah some of those Timeless hand painted throws look like somebody took them to their high school art class and had each student paint one.

hahahaha. the only way I’d own one was if they played amazing, like mind alteringly incredible.

some of them dont look half bad though

i think the enigma looks amazing.the ugluest yoyo ive ever seen has got to be…the proyo by duncan.

I have an H2O and it looks kind of bad. It looks like a metal $180 Take the Journey.

SPYY addict


Agreed, but the Addition looks nice.


im sure you’ve seen the followup
courtesy of dryoyo’s site

Wow. Flea. Stacks. No.

that looks kinda cool can you do it to mine ???

It’s a Big Deal not a Mighty Flea.

so this isn’t the followup for the flea?

yes, yes it is

It is a follow up to the flea, but that doesn’t make it a flea. The Superstar is a follow up to the G5, but that doesn’t make it a G5 now does it?

Lol, agreed. This new Big Deal looks cool, but I like the play on the Mighty Flea a lot more.


Yeah i just worded it wrong. Post modified! i didn’t know it had a name yet.

Big Deal… where they trying to get a microsized 888? It’s reminiscent of it…