So, the post was deleted because of a picture i posted from another store, didnt know that wasnt okay :wink: sorry for that.

so, whats the yoyo you like most, just from the looks! just post the name, company, and colourway, and if you can a picture!

mine would be the MagicYoYo N10, it has a very unique look, and i like it a lot!

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I was going to merge all of the responses from the first thread you made but do to the timing your newly started thread wouldn’t be at the top. Let’s just start all over. :slight_smile:


(Great topic btw)

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I really like my Format:C. The sight lines give it a classy look.
(and it plays amazing)

Quake or Evil Yo

Madhouse Rad. Need i say more?


that evil yo looks great!

Galaxy Proton

Rainbow camo madhouse complusion

Black Proto Wrath


I like this one quite a bit.


Fort (fourth but with a hillbilly accent)

If we’re talking colorways then the top picks that come to mind are Earth Swirl, Fire Swirl, 2nd Run 28 Stories, Frozen Mammoth, Grizzly Bear Clown Town 2 and Chesterman Beach. Just in case anyone wondered why I love Peaks, it’s because I think they have the best colorways in yoyos, not because of their place in modern yoyoing history and definitely not because of how well they play (they play fine but they’re nothing even remotely special compared to what is out there these days). There are some other fantastic CLYW colorways but those Peaks are definitely the bees knees as far as I’m concerned. I’ll have to wait until I actually have it in hand but the Deep Woods Quake looks insane in pictures.

There’s definitely something to be said for the classy look of a dark solid yoyo like an obsidian Markmont. Next. or even a single solid color like a good old aqua 888.

As far as shape, I can really get on board with anything from a Peak/Canvas/FHZ shape to strange Cascade/Dietz/Battosai shapes, round 888 shapes, undercuts, H shaped. I love them all.

Darn ninja’d me on here.
But I like all 888’s:
I also quite like an all blue shutter/all pink shutter/half blue half pink shutter (cotty candy-ish)

As far as just a beautifully shaped, elegent looking yoyo, you really can’t beat the all black Wrath Protos.

as far as colorways beauty is concerned, the pair of the earthswirl and fireswirl is pretty darn hard to beat. Heck of a pair that Jason owns(in addition to everything else lol)

wow, i have never seen those! they look stunning!

Best-looking yoyo in my collection is probably my Magic D5. I’m also quite partial to my faded 28 stories Chief. In my opinion. It looks a lot classier than the normal 28 stories.

As far as the best-looking yoyo ever, I really don’t know what to say. There are just so many companies that have really elevated their aesthetics to an art.

I really like the oxy io. It it so good looking And also the ilyy noctu