Your favorite looking yo yo?

I don’t think this has been asked in awhile.

I think these are the coolest looking yo yo’s:

MarkMont Next
SPYY Addiction
DTI Bass Boast

What’s yours?

3yo3’s colorful acrylic yo’s. They all amaze me. Landon is the man!

This one’s pretty much all CLYW for me. You just can’t beat them when it comes to aesthetics in my opinion

I’ve always been very fond of the 1st run 28 Stories Peak. The red just pops so well from the acid wash blue.

Team Edition Marmot is another awesome one. I didn’t really think I’d like it when I saw it on the computer screen, but in person the teal splash against the dark chocolate brown is just absolutely stunning. Looks like a really cool silver-ish color while spinning. Very unusual blend, but they pulled it off great.

Chesterman Beach Peak is amazing as well. Splash acid washing is just a sick concept - it just adds so much depth to the design. I can’t see why CLYW hasn’t used this colorway on any other yo-yos. Plus I love the color blue, so that one was a winner from the start.

And for non-CLYW, I’d have to say the 07 Aqua 888 is just awesome looking. Understated design but very impactful and iconic.

i like the severe and the super nova …

Kojo edition genesis

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By far my fav!

Looks like the heart of The Terminator!!!

Thats whats up. CLYW all the way.

I can’t believe I forgot the Fire Swirl Peak. That thing is sick!

Painted Peak.
There is something about older 888’s. Aqua with yellow stacks. Just amazing.
Pre-Pro Punchlines
Canflon yoyos
I love Anti-yo’s laser engravings as well.

mr bist i asume

Nostalgia, Strativari, Noctu those all look pretty cool.

the noctu, the green can-flon lio, all clyw.

I still like the look of my virus the most, for now.

out of my collection

right now, the wooly markmont

basically all nickel plated yoyos look gorgeous, I also love my cherry blossom dingo

then it has to be the 3yo3 Cosmo

these are my favorites, look-wise

Pic courtesy of Dr. Yoyo

My gnarwhal see’s a sasquatch edition gnarwhal. In white light it is military green, but in the yellow hue of my bedroom light it turns black as if to say… “I’m so flipping awesome right now I’m gonna change colors” ;D

Other that that the Night Moves 5 is a real pleaser on the eyes.

OOH and of course all 3 of my xminusmikex master pieces are just so awesome that you better take in small of amounts of their glory at a time otherwise you will explode due to overdosage of pure awesomeness.

Hey xmin;; That yo looks like a hot rod rim. Can you tell me what brand it is? Is it available?
Could not find it anywhere.
Is it a concept yo?

that yoyo is what made mr BiST won the 2010 morld mod cintest.
awesome looking yoyo.
and i believe he just made 1.

BTW, it based of FHZ i believe.