What the coolest colorway?


Tell me!


Depends what you like.

I personally like solids and clear/raw.

As far as ones I really like, I gotta say the CLYW 28 Stories is one of my favorites.

The Cool water colorway on the Albatross is really nice.

I have a Solaris that is silver with red splash.

Some acid wash colorways really are nice looking. I have a Superstar with this kind of finish.

My Royale is this pink based colorway but with lots of silver and black in it. It’s kinda all happy looking.

(Kei) #3

Rainbow Splash on Black, and Red or Blue Splash on Silver is my favorite.
I really don’t like acid wash


Nickel plated



Wrong. The answer is Jack Rabbit.

Jack Rabbit is the coolest colorway.

(Q) #7

There’s really no argument.


He just won it. Jack rabbit is the best.


Half blue, half green.


(Jerrod) #10



Some splashes look tacky. Such as some of YYFs. Clyw does a great job with splashes, and they look more organic for some reason.


this moonwalker gives me shivers…


I really like burning ember on the code 2




Rainbowflage titanium is pretty sweet.

For regular anno colorways I gotta be boring and say 28 stories is the best. Doesn’t matter what yoyo it is, if you can get a 28 stories version, then you’ve got a pretty cool yoyo.

(YoYo_Freak) #16

Raw and C3’s acid washes.


any solid color. i hate splashes.


Clarview Station is my fav colorway ever.


Awesome color ways guys!


Here’s 3 of my favs:

I only own the chief though.

I’d pay lots of dollars for the other ones however :wink: