Tricks that make you "happy"


I have recently learned how to do eli hops. For me it’s extremely satisfying every time I land it on the string, it’s hard to keep the grin of my face. It gets even better when I put my hands right next to each other when doing it.

So what I want to know is, what tricks make you happy every time you do it correctly?


Sorry if this might be the wrong forum section. I didn’t realize it at the time.


Double ninja vanish. It’s very satisfying to me.


For some reason just a regular hidemasa hook makes me happy… Such a fun little trick


I’m happy now that I’ve finally stopped bruising the crap out of the back of my hands whilst leaning to do Kwijibo! I finally landed it for the 1st time this morning on my new gold Chief. It took 30 mins. to do it a second time. Now I can pull it it off on my 2nd and 3rd attempts. I’m happy now that it’s hurting me less and less!

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Good thread!

I always feel really nice after a perfect regen or stall. Just the way it sings gets to me.


Any trick. Period.

Walk the dog, rock the baby, heck even a good bind will do it sometimes.

It doesn’t take much to please me. It’s nice to just be in this for personal enjoyment. Now, as far as tricks I’m working on now, I just got drop in the bucket down and I’m quite proud of myself for completing the intermediate tricks. So, I’m getting ready to add the ferris wheel element into the matrix(I can do it without that element but if I add that I don’t do so well, I need more practice). Plastic whip seems a bit intimidating, but it’s unlike anything I’ve done before. Ah, a new challenge.

But I am serious. If I can start my day with throwing into a trapeze, it’s gonna be a good day.


skin the gerbil… i can do it all day … just love it


Ooooh, Skin the Gerbel, Jade Whip, and just now ninja vanish. They’re so very satisfying and fun. haha. I can just say that the trick that totally pisses me off right now is spirit bomb :<


Gotta say… when i just have time for one trick I always just want to do some barrel rolls they way they are so smooth and silky… just makes me want more :slight_smile:


Pretty much anything that seems to flow together…that could be me doing Matrix/Roller Coaster/Kwyjibo combo, landing a new record of Eli Hops as I’m still working on it, got 6 hops down so far, or any trick that puts a smile on someone’s face (which is probably any trick really).

Oh, and also watching my niece now get the basic dribble gravity pull down and begin working on overhand throws (She just got a NED Boomerang yesterday). She also came to me and told me that she got it to sleep for a bit earlier so she must have had a good throw for that to happen.

I’m working with her on yoyoing which I find just as fun as yoyoing itself, and told her to hit up when she gets home and watch the tutorials on here. Nothing more satisfying than seeing that you successfully taught someone how to manipulate that tethered gyroscope.


Gyro Swing ending in a Green Triangle. It’s the tricks that I can barely pull off perfectly that puts a smile to my face. The feeling of accomplishment.


This and



video of this?

and my trick of satisfaction is spirit bomb. i probably try it 50x a day

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I got this whip that leads into a rejection that falls through a slack and lands in a spirit bomb mount.

Sounds so complicated. Its not. But its flashy and looks good when you pull it off. But its one of those tricks that require a certain amount of luck.


make a vid!

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Haha I’ll try to catch it on film here in the near future. No promises though. :wink:

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Variations of bind return

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Pretty much anything that involves spinning around. Especially circular elihops and variations, probably because it’s still kind of a new technique to me. As soon as I figure out some cool arm wraps, those’ll be right up there too.