Trick-a-Week 2023 - #52 - Control Workshop

Welcome to the Trick-a-Week thread for 2023!

Every Friday we’ll be posting a tutorial in this thread for us all to learn over the next week. It helps to view this thread not as a rush to learn a single tutorial every week, but instead to be exposed to and attempt a new trick every week. The idea is that you’ll be able to take away some new elements and ideas from each tutorial to add to your trick repertoire, and you can revisit any past weeks as you desire. Take as much time as you need on single “week.” Please share when you’re struggling with a trick and want some potential advice! We’re all learning these tricks together, helping and motivating each other is a core part of this thread.

Posting videos is absolutely not required, but we’d all love to see your progress each week. It’s more fun to share your trick victories with others. Be proud when you finally land the trick you’ve been working hard to learn. Record a video and show it off to the world, because we’re all just as stoked on your success! So we’d like to encourage everybody to at least attempt stepping outside of their comfort zone to film their tricks.

This list will be updated every week with the new tutorial, so please reference this post if you missed a week or want to revisit a trick. The first link will take you straight to the tutorial, the discussion link will take you to the post in the thread for each week:

If you’d like to make suggestions for tutorials to use in the thread, please send them via DM to any of the T-a-W crew that maintains this thread: @akyoyomike, @mystik, @ryanmcg, @ANGVS, @mable, @GTDropKnot

And lastly is a shoutout to @MoonageMin and @twitch77 for kickstarting this thread three years ago! You can find the previous threads here:
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Week #1 - Keisuke Shibata Picture Trick

Happy new year everybody! I’m excited to be here with the TaW Crew to bring you the first trick of the year!

I wanted to pick something that looked cool and would be easy enough for newer players to grasp, while hopefully having some elements veteran players haven’t seen before. This cool picture trick transitions from a double tower, to a ladder, to a green triangle, and then finishes off with a stylish yoyo grab regen.

Please give it a shot. Have fun!


Here’s my go at this trick, with just a slightly different bind after the regen.


Man that bind at the enD was sick! Woke trick is great! Awesome pick and awesome video!


Ooo, I like the look of this one!!!


Sorry for being out of frame a bit. I am pretty bad at taking videos. Will make another video for the bind these old OD pads are simply not snappy enough anymore to do that.


Looking good guys !

Full disclosure @mable shared this tutorial on Monday so we’ve had a head start on it…
Super fun trick to throw, crazy awesome bind!


I keep goofing up the ladder and catching the regen but this is a super fun one!


first time doing one of these! excited to follow along every week. had a little trouble figuring out the ladder and it could be cleaner but that’s alright. :slight_smile:


Nice! Happy birthday as well :birthday:


Happy Birthday! And that looked pretty clean! Well done! Welcome to the club!


thank you both!


So Christmas this year marked one year since I got my first unresponsive yo-yo. I used TAW a lot for references here and there last year, but I’m now feeling confident enough to give it a shot weekly. So here we go with week one…


Also, what trick to getting video to appear right in the post rather than just a link? Site told me that the video format right from iPhone was not compatible.

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Very nicely done!

If you want the video to appear directly on the forum post you need to use a app called Imgur. Pretty easy app to use. Once you post your video there you copy the permalink and pay the link in your post and the video will appear.


Happy cake day brotha!!!


Im really close on this. No problem as 2 parts( puctures, bind/regen), but i run out of juice by the time i exit the GT.

Still cleaning it up.


That looked fantastic! Good job!



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