The 5a May Discussion Thread


In an effort to promote one of the most fun and rewarding styles of yoyo play, the Yoyonews team and I are continuing the 5a may tradition this month. Yoyonews will be filled with both new and old 5a content, and some of the top 5a players in the world will be posting new videos all month along to show off their skills and help new 5a players learn.

Want to learn some 5a? I’ll be putting out a new tutorial video every day of the month. These videos will cover the basics, help you with areas you might be struggling with, and teach you new trick concepts you’ve never seen before.

Here are the first three videos of my series:

Want to join in on the fun? There will be some great give aways, including some of my own precision machined delrin counterweights! Post a video of yourself doing your own 5a trick or a trick you’ve learned from one of the many tutorials we’ll be putting out and you’ll have a chance at winning some great prizes!

Need help with a particular trick or just 5a as a whole? Post about it here! I, as well as many other 5a players on the forum, would be happy to help out.


Well I have my 5a Yoyo guess it’s time to learn more than the basics now I guess!


I’m waiting for off string October.

(major_seventh) #4

We had a 5a May trick contest at the DXL the other day.

Good times, good times…


I suck at 5a so I think I’ll stick with 1a all day :wink:


So long as I see a bunch more from you and Chase I think this will be a great month to work on my 5a. :smiley:


Great tutorials so far - hopefully this picks up lots of steam. I’ve just started learning the basics of 5a, so hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have progressed enough to be able to do some of Jake’s tricks!


Going to try to learn some 5A, I have all the Basics, just want get some fun stuff too



Great stuff Jake! This month is shaping up to be very exciting.


It’s always a great time to learn 5a.

While you’re waiting for the next 5a tutorial, you can check out Miguel Correa’s massive series of 5a tutorials ranging from beginner to expert.


Here is today’s 5a may video - Aerial pops!

Check it out.

(Owen) #13

Take it from me guys - You REALLY wanna win one of Jake’s delrin counterweights. They are the best you can get your hands on.


October is already for fixed axles though.


I thought that was February


Hi Jake, I’d really like one of those delrin counterweights but I don’t have a video camera. No not even on my phone. Are the counterweights for sale? I’m willing to pay well for one.

I’m also curious what kind of yoyo you are using. It looks like a Yoyomonster Agonist in your Day 5 video. Is this correct? Just wondering because I have one myself, and I’d be curious what you think of it if that is indeed the yoyo you’re using.

Thanks :slight_smile:

(major_seventh) #17

I second the delrin counterweight ;D


The counterweights are not for sale, unfortunately. If you REALLY want to see delrin counterweights produced, you should email Duncan and express your desire for them.

The yoyo used is an upcoming bi-metal King Yo Star release. It’s the best yoyo I’ve ever used, hands down, and I’m extremely excited to see it come out soon.

Here is a picture of some delrin counterweights. I precision CNC machined about 50 of them myself from very high quality delrin. Including the delrin bead used to secure the string, they weigh in at 10.9g, which I find to be the optimal weight for the average 66g yoyo (1/6th of the weight)


Well the bearing thing is patented by Yoyojam right? So I don’t think Duncan can make counterweights with bearings in them. Probably better to petition Yoyojam since they’re licensed to make counterweights and the bearings. Plus they’re a smaller company. I sincerely doubt Duncan would do a thing unless thousands of players petitioned them.

Those counterweights look so sick. Same weight as a Takeshi dice but Delrin, plus solid colors. I hate that all you can get now is the translucent ones from yoyojam. And the Duncan dice suck because they’re too light.

I wish I knew how to do machining :frowning:

(major_seventh) #20

Ah I forgot how Duncan patented them or something, so only they can sell them! Forgot about that.