Too hilarious.


This guy claimed to be a yoyo champion, went on the air and did some foolish tricks.

Hilarious. Best troll ever.

(DOGS) #2



I knew it was old, didn’t know it was posted. sorry.


It’s cool




This is old, but honestly this is what helped get me into yoyoing a month ago, I strive to be just like him.


haha, cool.


That guy is on the TV show “The Office” from time to time.


really? It doesn’t seem like much to shoot for he didn’t seem like much of a yoyoer even I’m better than him and I am younger than him. Plus I think that company could do better than him.


I’m pretty sure that was supposed to be humorous.


His whisper at 1:51 is priceless!


Yep. The stunts he pulled on these news broadcasts helped him on his way. Here’s one that also has “Eric Stringer”  :wink: in it. (Eric Stringer isn’t his real name…  )


alright kiddies here’s what we call a fraud yoyoer! see Kenny he isn’t a professional nor does he promote the company he claims he works for! Kiddies never do what he did all he did was put a fake name on himself as a pro and did stuff any of us could do!


EGAD! an Eiffel tower… upside down… MIND BLOWN!!!


Is that Steve Brown?


Lol. Would be epic if it was steve brown and he was hiding his skills.


Steve Brown sounds nothing like “Eric Stringer” so i have no idea.

When I said “Is that Steve Brown” I meant Eric Stringer. “K-Strass” looks nothing like Steve Brown.


I know. That’s be awesome though.


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I don’t think yuki would stand a chance…