What a disgrace...

look at this guy

watch all three videos

If you notice the yo’s weren’t even spinning…

k-strass was on the office last week!

You’re a little late.

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What a weirdo.I feel bad for the news stations though. Pro yoyoer huh. >:(

Yup. A bit late. That article was dated May 10, 2010, but I saw that later in May, perhaps on some other posting that I saw here.

Journalists need to do a bit of research first or at the very least, QUALIFY the person as being legitimate at what they do. If not, then find out what the deal is and then be ACCURATE and factual.

It’s nice to know I’m better than someone else out there, but I don’t pretend to be anything other than what I am. I will never be a champion because I don’t want to compete. I just need to be good enough for me to enjoy this hobby. But I do intend an educational program, so I will be doing SOME performing in public at some point in time, but I will never advertise myself as a master or expert or champion. Merely, a yoyo enthusiast at best.

Thanks for posting, despite the rude post saying you’re late.
I’m only about 3 months into yoyoing and this absolutely infuriates me. I can’t believe someone would go on numerous news shows and outright make fun of such a wonderful hobby.

Sure, the guy’s an idiot and a jerk, but I really feel for the hosts on the show.

He’s attention seeking. Problems with his wife/life/family/job all at once, can’t focus, can’t concentrate and to top it off, can’t throw to save his life. He’s causing himself a world of legal problems too apparently. All his accomplishments can’t be validated or verified either, or at least from my calls to the school districts and schools he’s claimed to have visited, whatever he’s claiming he’s done has never happened.

Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the phone calls he was getting were his father saying “shut up and switch cameras, you’re making a fool of yourself”.

If you also look at the date of the original article the original poster provided a link to, that article was dated May of 2010. There’s no disgrace in what the original posted provided for people to see. What’s disgraceful is anyone making a mockery of anything for the purposes of self-advancement.

He’s riding this out on similar sounding name companies that are clearly intending to put as much distance between that guy and their company. Plus, his facebook page is 16+ months stagnant and his domains aren’t live.

Again, if any of the journalists were responsible and reputable, he’d have never been allowed on the air. Even the morning news around me, they’ve stopped people AND prevented things from going on. You always book a little bit extra or have segments that can go long or maybe you have an ongoing news item from the night before that’s still dragging out. Weather is always one that can be dragged on for another 2 minutes before most people will notice anyways.

Wow, those videos were really hard to watch. He did make me laugh once (that is, before he started his ‘yo-yo fail’). I wonder what his real motive is. Is he just a guy who’s hired just to prank newscasters and put them in awkward situations?

Though, I got one plus out of this. It reminded me that yo-yoing, in my opinion, should be about personal achievement. If you spend large amounts of time comparing yourself to a bunch of other yo-yoers who make videos and who seem way better than you are, eventually you might feel like (and excuse my slang, possibly inappropriate) the suckiest person on the planet, and for no good reason at that.

Just something to keep in mind.

Wow, you guys are taking this way too seriously. I laughed so hard that I was in tears.

He’s an actor and a comedian named Mark Proksch - like someone said below, he’s been on several episodes of the office as “Nate the Handyman”.

I think it’s hilarious! haha i saw it months ago and i couldnt stop laughing…he totally got me when i first saw it! :smiley:



Hey doods, K-Strass is a boss.

I dont know if any of you guys could act like you are in a Blue Angel and bring it up into a Huey then go back down for a smooth landing… I know i cant

Just shows that “talent is not needed to be considered an entertainer these days”. Wow, all that wrong with Hollywood wrapped up in one luzer. He must be quite the role model!

The way I see him, he’s a liar and a con. Granted, that is what an actor is, but still, to mislead journalists who are obviously not into doing their job properly, you get what you get.

Dont forget all the people who got in trouble due to being duped by Borat and Bruno.

They thought it was funny to(it was). But it was really funny when he was like “what should i do?”

dude, this happened along time ago, dont bring up the past like this… thats like bringing up ****** ****** **** (and yes, i blanked that out myself)

Little known fact: The search button IS your Delorean. It’s pretty intense. The future DOES have pink hoverboards.

EDIT: Turns out they run out of juice really quick. Lasted me one whole measly chase scene and then it died.