mad funny yoyo video

What the heck was he trying to do. What a Retard!

There’s already a topic for this in the Unrelated area. Even though it should be here. But I believe people found out this guy was all a hoax. Rolled on the floor laughing when I first saw this.


That’s a disgrace for yoyoers…

I mean… I have never seen anything like this before. >:(


omg i he is a discrace. he got dizzy? and i have tried 4 yoyos. doesn’t work well.

he definitely was just messing with the news crew, they probably got so pissed at him. whisper to the host: “what should i do, what should i do?” LOL

oh yes, good old kenny strassman. aka: k-strass. lol, yeh hes a hoax, or more of a mock-umentary comedy routine.

OMG what retard he thinks yoying is swinging a bunch of yoyos around in the air and then falling down but he was quite funny xD

I think he is great! The yo-yo community has its own Borat!


i belive this has already been posted … twice.

Double trouble!

the day after seeing this, someone posted it on my facebook and asked if this was a real yoyoer.

Does the neam “K-strass Proyo IMPOSTER” not do it…

I just very nearly spat coffee everywhere…

OMG!!! *facepalm X 50…I can practically imagine myself yoyoing near my home and kids coming up to me and ask: Hey…can you do that blue jet thingy and rap at the same time???
Gonna cringe in one corner now… :’( :’( :’(

i knew it was an imposter, but the title was different. it was yoyoer apears on news or something

The real interview was suppose to be Zammy Ickler, not Kenny Strasser, kenny is the the imposter…

Watch this video also, he interrupted the interview:

Read the whole article on

and this article from doctor popular:

AND read what Zammy said in his blog:

Happy Throwing! =]

He calls himself a ‘‘yoyo master’’ wat a disgrace and retard. ;D ;D ;D

actually, i have had 3 friends at school see this video and say: “wow i can do better than that in a week.”

now i have 4 members of my yoyo club. i think he is encouraging the comunity to pick up a yoyo more than any good pro yoyoer could ever do. think from their point of view:
good yoyoer scenario: “oh that is cool, i could never do that. i wonder what is on comedy central?”
Kstrass scenario: “haha wow, i could do that in a week. where are my keys to my car? i want to go to toys r us.”