K-Strass, The Hedgehog

I found this on YoyoSkills, and thought I would share the fun with you guys.

I introduce to you… K-STRASS THE HEDGEHOG!



Its so weird its funny.


That guy is just so messed up. What he does is not funny. The only word to describe it it messed up.

i see i have to explain my side of the argument. no worries though, i am happy to defend him, but i do dislike him.

if a real yoyoer went up there, did the normal complex tricks we do, then left, the audience would think: “ok he was good. i will never be that good. i want a soda.”

but he went up and made a fool out of himself, and the audience thought: “wow i could do that, or i could in a couple of days. i want to by a yoyo or find a yoyo websight. there is bound to be at least 1.”

so in a way, he encouraged yoyoing more than any posible yoyoer could have done. and then Zappy went up there and he defended the yoyoers who are good now. that probably ended in the best posible outcome. i congradulate you kenny, but if i ever see you in public, i will not hesitate to show you up.

You obviously haven’t seen one of John Higby’s or Steve Brown’s shows, cUrlYo. You do know they don’t go out and perform like they would at a contest, right? Real professionals do great things for us, don’t take that away from the saying that this guy is doing more.


+1 for being legit.