Uhhh o, there is a yoyo troll, or yoyo fake. (Trolls on TV)


Okay, so this guy K-Strass (YouTube) seems to be a Troll. Or a
Yoyo troll/liar/faker.

He has fooled almost every TV station claiming to be a professional yoyoer, and that he goes to schools teaching kids YoYoing and about nature stuff.

He can’t do a single trick, he says, I made up a trick for this TV station, and then does a trick where he hits himself. And messes up.

One video says he is a troll.

This is kinda old by the way…






to all of you guys who have been in the yoyo world for a while, its old. but to me, this is my first time hearing of it. i watched one of his interviews on youtube just now to see what you guys are talking about. and wow, i am just dying…




It’s comedy kids! Laugh!


While it is very funny, he is mocking us. He didnt even do an up-n-down correctly, how hard is it to take 30 seconds to watch a youtube video on how to do it.


its a joke…








I know i find it funny but if your gunna make it a joke when it comes down to the end (like his last interview) make it a joke dont keep lieing about it. It wasnt that he failed at it that makes me angry, its that he lied about it, i hate people that lie.


wait! he lied??


Good lord… This is no different then Andy Kaufman (some of you are too young to remember Google it) pretending to be a wrestler. It got him a ton of attention. And it Landed Mr. Proksch a nice role on The Office. It’s not mocking us… It’s just stupid fun. If your offended, don’t be.

LET IT DIE. ::slight_smile:


This thread is more of a troll. Lol


The guy probably didn’t even know that people like us existed.


Guys, you know he knew he was joking…the guy did it way back in the day. it’s late 90.s early 21st century what he did.

Y’all fail to realize the yoyo’s we have today, weren’t really the same back when he did this joke. He knew it was a joke, if I remember correctly, the whole thing was.

I am pretty sure you weren’t yo-ing back in that time. I wasn’t even. Josh Yee was. Yo-ing was not the same. In the 90’s and early 21st century, there were quite some jokes from Non-yoers and the News. It’s because it was cool. The news stations don’t even recognize we exist anymore, and that’s bad imo. JD was the big start of the mass of today’s tricks we use in comps a lot (He wasn’t the only one, but he was a big leap). This thread in general seems…pointless, only because a lot for y’all don’t know the whole story. He wasn’t a troll (Term wasn’t even existent with that usage then. And y’all are misusing it in modern terms, too.) He never insulted people, nor was he trying to. It’s so odd, talking bout him again, since that was partly my first step into the yo-yo world, believe it or not. I never took him seriously, but that’s kind of what started my interest in them like I am now.