Tom Kuhn website / brand in decline?

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I wanted to bring this up again, because I was actually in the market for some new No Jive wood sleeves and their website has been down for days now with this error:


And that’s near the peak of pre-xmas buying season, too … the fact that someone hasn’t noticed and fixed it is kinda profoundly disturbing!

I have ordered one or two things from the website before (in the last 12 months) and they were delivered without incident but a lot of stuff has been out of stock for some time. And I’ve gotten a handful of promotional mail from them in the past indicating they were at least alive.

Still, TK makes some great stuff, but given the previous replies, the current situation doesn’t look good :grimacing:


3 days later, site is still down…


omg, i literally just bought an SB2 from a retailer here in hong kong. hopefully this situation is temporary!


You can still find the BC No-Jive for $24 online. I know that’s kinda pricey if you just want to experiment with wax on your axle, but… I think is comes with an extra, so that’s just $12 an axle! :grin:


Well, I have ways of eventually getting them, but having the official website be down for so long is concerning.


Do you need a TK axle? Pretty sure I’ve got one I can toss in the mail for you.


What a crushing blow to humanity.

Tom fades away from the Company he started.

Brad fiddles around for a few decades playing with wood.

He doesn’t really want to make the effort to stay in Business.

But he doesn’t want to sell the Business at any reasonable price so somebody else can keep the wood turning.

And now… the large pile of weeping and misery.

Business is flailing? Who’s fault is that?

Site is down? Who’s fault is that?

Parts and pieces out of stock? Who’s fault is that?

Been going on for how long? Who’s fault is that?

You want to go down with the ship? Let the Captain go down with the ship.

Other people do wood. Somebody fades out; somebody steps in.

If there is a chance to make some money; somebody has a budding opportunity.

Currently; wood is probably not the ‘hot ticket’. Or somebody would already be making an exerted effort to sell axles and such.

Tom is a Legend. And I always got along with Brad.

But if they don’t care; I can’t care. There are other things to do and other Makers to support.

Kleenex please… not for me; I’ll simply have them to pass out😢

Merry Christmas


It’s sad to think of BC and Tom Kuhn going under, but Hummingbird also failed many a decade ago which was Brad’s company pre-BC. I’m hoping for a bounce back.

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Honestly if the brand is in jeopardy it would be AWESOME if @YoYoExpertGarrett and @AndreBoulay could buy it and consolidate here. However @AaronW implied they want “an arm and a leg” for it. Maybe Duncan would buy it? I dunno.

Also I appreciate the offer @photogeek but I have a trade in progress for the axles :wink:


Last I spoke to Tom he seemed to imply he’d like the brand to continue, but Brad has controlling interests and he wants to sell.

As a side note, I know of someone who really would like to run TK, so if anyone wants to foot the bill maybe TK can turn around again :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: I am not that person.


I can turn no jive axle sleeves. Going to do some for @Rosenberg sometime soon.


@Glenacius_K my man!


Website: still down!

I know they have a Facebooks presence but I don’t use the Facebooks. Are they updating there at all?


This is their most recent post:

Edit: no post prior to this acknowledging the website being down


If the website has been down for so long, it implies that there is more to this than a technical glitch. Sounds like someone walked away…


Yep, you read my mind, I was thinking maybe Duncan could buy them. Would be a shame not to have Tom’s yoyos around anymore.


I would rather NOT have Duncan buy them. That would not turn out well.


Hell YoyoFactory could buy them and I would be happy, the SBII changed yoyoing forever, would be a shame to see them disappear, like YoyoJam.


Website is now back, at least!


TK was cutting edge for a while when the competition was all fixed axle models. Then his bearing models were amazing and really turbo charged designs…from other companies…
I love my TK yo-yos, but Tom always marketed to the same style of players. He makes throws for an old style play. They never seriously grew as things developed into how folks play now. There is nothing wrong with that, it seems like his vision just ran its course.
If I could only have one yo-yo I might settle on my no-jive play simply, but if I could only have 10 yo-yos, I wouldn’t want 10 of them, you only need one, they last forever… I would like 10 of them though, that would be really cool.