Tom Kuhn Collection

Since it seems the old YYN board is down - I will share some TKs from my “vault”

Some of them are old

Some are just simply No-Jive

Some colors are special and get their own “box”

If you like stripes…

Jewels for the royalty

Many will commemorate some special event

Others are just advertising

But like wood, not every box is the same

I’m getting a little sleepy

Maybe these will wake you up

Time for some recreation

TK has got LASERS!

But some are just simple woodies

Or not so simple woodies…

With all this wood, you may think TK is from outer space

But I think your 1st yo-yo is your most memorable


That’s an amazing collection.

Jeez. That is amazing! Has Jason Wong seen your collection? lol


I am seriously jealous. That is an insane collection. Envy Envy Envy ;D

That’s a stellar collection you’ve put together!

WOW that’s sick!!! I had so many of those throws too… Just crazy!!

It’s a really beautiful collection - I think it took a lot of time, to chase after this great pieces of yoyo history.

Congratulations, you’re a lucky person :slight_smile:

That is incredible!

I have 40 dollars in my pocket. How would you like to make some quick money : D (I want it all)

I should sell all my regular yoyos and start doing fixed axle exclusively :stuck_out_tongue:

You win! : )

Here’s some of my collection. Please excuse the poor-quality cell phone pics!

(Note the SB3 with serial # 002)


I’m in awe. Thanks all for sharing.

Lovely, lovely collection! Plenty in there that I’m missing.

I’ll have to get a whole TK collection shot together sometime.


Wow man those are beutiful. And great s displays.