Tom Kuhn Appreciation thread


Check out our detailed Chronology of Tom Kuhn Yo-yos.

I’d love to see anything you have from the master - yo-yo’s, patches, postcards, clothing … anything TK is welcome!

Back in the day

One of my faves

My most wanted No-Jives :-

84 Olympics (I can dream can’t I)
Aspen Mandala
Flying Camel 3-in-1 wonder
Green with white stripe painted
Smothers fine wines
Kreeger & Sons
Any laminated
Infinite Illusions Yo-yo girls
Any reverse/mirror image laser engraved 3-in-1’s
Any San-Fran Woodys (Cable car, Golden Gate Bridge, etc)

If you can help me find any of the above please let me know.


Good thread…here are some of mine, all with after-market embellishments (of course).

TK Mandala Sunburst, 4th of July version:

TK Mandala Sunburst-Nova butterfly (1 of 50):

TK “World on a String” group, mod’ed in various ways:

TK RD-One from 2003 with jewel mods:


Ease up on the eBay victories and let someone else have some fun once in a while! :wink:


A few recent additions.
After five years of looking I Finally bagged me a pocket rocket :smiley:


Impressive collection!!!


Thank’s, I just hope my wife never finds out how much I’ve spent on it over the years!!!


Ed Haponiks signature “Play Simply” No Jive is now available.
Out of respect to the yoyoexpert store I won’t supply the link but you should know where to look!!!


Found this no-stripe painted a couple of months ago to replace a black one I traded away some time ago. Just love it’s punchy color so much brighter than the red striped one’s…



Great thread! Great yo-yos! Here is an off beat Tom Kuhn Flying Camel . These pictures have posted a few other places but thought I’d add them here. Great collection!


I’m loving that Camel :-* not only has it seen a lot of love but it’s signed by “The Man” awesome!!!


This goes back over 20 years. I went ahead and posted it out on Google+ which may be easier to view without downloading the image


Thanks Luke, that’s the kinda stuff I started this thread for.
I love those old pic’s.


I don’t have any Tom Kuhns and don’t want any, but they are really nice to see sometimes. It makes me think of how yoyo must have been back in the 1970s

(major_seventh) #14

You must learn to appreciate wood.

waves pocket watch back and forth over eyes

woooood is goooood
wooooood is goooooooood


The stuff my dreams are made of…

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


Wayne, is there a turbo yo in there?


Well, I’m impressed!


Yes indeed. If only it were mine, but unfortunately that’s a picture of the national yo-yo museum’s TK collection.


Wow, that’s something else, there.


Wow, that’s incredible. Truly the first of it’s time. It’s a shame so many people don’t know what a treasure that is.