FS/FT - Tom Kuhns

My collection of Tom Kuhn Yo-Yos has too many holes, and too many duplicates. I’m primarily looking to trade some of my Tom Kuhns for ones I’m missing, but I will also consider selling if you’ve got nothing to trade. DM me for prices. Here’s some of what I have that I’d trade for the right yo-yo:

Row 1:

  • Orange Butterfly Inverse Mandala No Jive
  • Yoyoguy Devil Girl No Jive 2003 (50 made)
  • Wooden Pocket Rocket 1992
  • Fat Cat #20 / 2015
  • Laminate Sleep Machine
  • Burgundy RD-1 2003

Row 2:

  • SF Era No Jive 3-in-1 (I have multiple of these, some on Brown/Green or Purple boxes)
  • Smo-Bro Yo Yo
  • Abercrombie & Fitch (big ® etching)
  • Original Silver Bullet
  • Sleep Machine (Prowler edition)
  • Burgundy RD-2 2004

Row 3:

  • Flying Camel Butterfly Laser Carved - SOLD
  • Filagree Mandala SF Era
  • Starburst Mandala SF Era
  • Purple metal Pocket Rocket 199 edition #831
  • Roller Woody (Prowler edition)
  • Black RD-1 2003

Here’s some of what I’m looking for:

  • Laminate RD-1s
  • Kruger & Sons
  • Any Smothers Brothers Wine No Jives
  • Green Strip, Blue Stripe No Jives
  • No Jive blue box packaging
  • Celtic No Jives (any)
  • 15th Anniversary White/Blue Woody
  • Red/Gray Redline
  • Wood Rocks Redline
  • Year 2000 Laminate
  • TK-60 - any
  • Rainbow Laminate RD-2
  • Mandala 6.0 and 6.1

Message sent about the Flying Camel


All I’ve got is a ultra minty sb2 with holster, never used. I’d like that sb please.

Messaged about flying camel

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Hi Chris, how much for

  • Orange Butterfly Inverse Mandala No Jive
  • Yoyoguy Devil Girl No Jive 2003 (50 made)


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Those two I’d rather trade for something on my wants list to be honest.

Pmed for purple metal pocket rocket

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nice throws @chrismacg


I had a number of folks inquire about the cost and origin of the Orange Butterfly Inverse Mandala (OBIM) No Jive. I really didn’t have a lot of details to go on; I often pick up Tom Kuhn Yo-Yos just because I don’t have one already in my collection. After some digging and emailing around, I found out more about this particular yo-yo.

The OBIM No Jive was produced as part of a test run for the orange colorant. The test run was produced in 2013 and limited to 20 to 25 units. This doesn’t make the OBIM the rarest Tom Kuhn from 2013; there were many laser carved models that were limited to 12 to 15 units (Light Batiks, Nordik, and Bifrost No Jives).

It is known that Tom Kuhn’s favorite color for a yo-yo is orange and BC was trying out new ways to get that orange color that Tom liked. After the issues with the TK Mini B’s color (it tended to come off) the company tried to find a better orange stain. I’m not sure how successful BC considered this colorant; to my knowledge there have been no additional orange Tom Kuhn models since this was released.


It is exceptionally beautiful.

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Orange is a great color for any yoyo

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