Tom Kuhn (Aluminum) Collectibles and Prototypes

Does anyone know of a forum (or existing thread) that is specific to TK collectibles and their prototypes? I realize they made dozens (perhaps hundreds!) of limited run specialty wooden yoyos, but I’d like to limit the scope to just their metal yoyos, especially their many limited-production SB2 and SB2 prototypes with their cool ano jobs. Of course, SB1, SB3, Tom Cats, and Fat Cat discussion are good, too! Thanks!

Lots of views but no suggestions? Just looking for a some folks that might also share an interest in collecting TK prototypes like these.

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Your best bet would be the TK thread

What makes you say those are prototypes? a lot of those look production…

I loved the ano jobs on the SB2s back in the day, I’m surprised there aren’t more people out there that collected these

I bought these directly from BC and “prototype” was the label, followed by the name snd year of production and number made. Most of these are serial number 001 and only two or three were made. This pic doesn’t include all of them.

very cool