Silver Bullet One Clear Anodized SB1 TK Tom Tuhn

New to posting… seems this is a poll as opposed to a regular thread… i couldnt find that option.
My interest is to share my most rare yoyo and also find out how much its potentially worth. I did read that this corner is for collections but i figure collectors have the wisdom i am seeking.
The throw i speak of is my TK Clear Anodized Original Silver Bullet. Its in pretty good shape, has pouch, spare axle, original tk string spool, all paperwork and a few scuffs from play.
I’m not particularly looking to sell it, more so trying to determine how careful i should be with it.
Also, Im simply excited to share with like minds. After researching online and talking to BC on the telle, i realize this clear anodized is one of 50 ever made and a pretty landmark piece of yoyo history.