Let's make things more interesting ...

I tried to post this on the Tom Kuhn thread on the yoyoskills board, but it would not post, and would not upload pictures.

Coming soon… two fixed axle laser carved nordic design Kuhns, and one new mandala design commemorating my favorite place. As you may have heard, I had 4 completed designs ready to burn to wood since before I closed skilltoys.com in 2008. I finally was able to persuade Brad Countryman to put them in production. The 2 fixed axles are completed and shipping to me. The mandala is in production, with the lasering being done this week.

Thought the Tom Kuhn line had become boring and decided to have some fun.


David Hall
(Formerly of skilltoys.com)
(Formerly of the Museum of Yo-Yo History)

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Never been a fan of Tom Kuhns, but those look absolutely beautiful.

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Agreed. Gorgeous.

sure do miss your website bud.
Where are these going to be available?
Sure wish I could take a dig through your pile of throws.

Glad you like them. I’ll be selling them on ebay and directly if you prefer. Email is dhall@bernco.gov

David H

Wow old thread but I’m glad for tr bump these things are really awesome!