To all the people here owning a Space Cowboy..

Does yours have wobble? Like vibe that’s so bad it can be seen?

Mine does. Contacted the place i got it (not here) and they told me it’s just how bi-metals act…

inb4 a huge wave of yyj haterz

Try tuning it with different bearings if the vibe looks like a periodic oscillation.

Turn bearings on different sides, out axle in different ways, tune the axle(twist it a certain amount) or twist the yoyo a certain amount.
Try them

sees kadabriums post and starts ranting about yyj

Just an opinion based on observation (don’t have one), but from the looks of it it may be more of an issue that it requires a very straight throw. Looks to have a lot of weight on the rims which can cause wobble of your throw isn’t good.

Touch the side of the yoyo, does it smooth out? My Draupnir is very smooth, so it isn’t “just how bi-metals act”.

jhb8426: It’s definetly not my throw :slight_smile: Been playing for almost 2 1/2 years now and owned 100+ yoyos. I can tell it’s the yoyo!
Yoyo: Yes. It smoothes out just after touching it and then starts to oscillate again… Like any other yoyo that wobbles ::slight_smile: My Laser is also very smooth.

I tried taking the axle out, though it was rather stuck and i didn’t have a hex key to loosen it…

How do you take an axle out with a “hex key…?”

Anyway, if you smooth it by touching and it starts to oscillate again; my guess is that the rings are mis-aligned. No fixing that.

You put the hex key into the hole in the axle and start screwing the axle out of the halve…? The axle’s stuck like someone has used locktite on the threads. So i can’t loosen it with my hands

If you cant move the axle then theres not much chance lol. Periodically oscillating vibe typically resulst from bearing seats misaligned from each other instead of actual deformation/asymmetry within the halves, so it s the type that s often the easiest to tune. My Yoyotrap helium (not a bimetal but lol) had this problem and I tried KK, DS, CT, CTX, NSK, NSK/CT and several brands of chinese bulk concaves with it, tuning a full cycle for each one. It finally settled with a certain non-brand ceramic concave lol.

Lol at this guy. Dudes been on these boards forever, frequently taking an agressive and rude stance, and doesn’t realize all his axles have always accepted hex/Allen keys.

This isn’t “just the way they are” OP, contact YYF, tell them which retailer is telling their customers YYF yoyos wobble, And they’ll fix it. Maybe shoot the retailer another email first, give them another chance after the thought of losing a supplier has made its way through their brain.

I’d do exactly what Mikers suggested. YYF seems to have great customer service and pride in putting out an excellent product. I’m sure they’d be happy to help you in some way and be happy to know that one of their retailers is telling customers that one of their premium products is supposed to wobble.

Whoever told you that is not a complete idiot. He is still missing a few parts.

It ‘is’ possible you got a ‘funny one’; but the explanation you received is a very inaccurate cop out.

I guess some Yoyo sellers just don’t count on repeat Business.

If you bought it from Yoyoexpert; Andre would have told you to send it back. And not blew hot air at you.

It does get kinda ‘Tired’ to hear people whining about Yoyo problems they run into, with yoyos they didn’t even buy on this Site, lol.

Too bad you live in Norway. Or I would send you one of mine.

Bi metals can have stability and vibe/wobble issues. But so can other types/methods of Yoyo construction/assembly/weight distribution. But regardless, if the Yoyo batch or individual Yoyo is properly designed and constructed; bi metal yoyos do not by nature; exhibit any more ‘funny behavior’ than anything else not made properly.

They should send you another Yoyo… Period. No second option.


Your pint is what?

I have had over two hundred yo-yo’s. I have NEVER had to remove an axle using a hex key. I think that is the point I am making, No one should EVER need to use a hex key to remove an axle. Any axle needing anything other than your fingers; is stripped. Forcing it with an Allen wrench will likely strip it further.

Oh yeah… duh Lol.

I’ve used a hex key on an axle before. Can’t remember why or which yoyo… and it’s not a common practice. But I’ve done it.

Regarding the Space Cowboy, mine is very smooth. Pretty sure this miniscule vibe I’m feeling (and I mean tiny) is from the bearing itself, not the yoyo.

In addition to axle and bearing seat issues, the SS ring is another potential place that vibe could be induced, though. If it’s not fitted absolutely perfectly, there can be problems. This would be another form of manufacturing issue, though; as mentioned earlier, YYF probably takes pride in their product and shouldn’t be averse to helping you out. They’re an approachable and helpful company.

But just to provide the confirmation you were seeking: mine is hecka smooth.

Just to clear things up for anyone who happens across this argument, using an allen key to remove an axle is perfectly fine and does not necessarily indicate you’re your yoyo is stripped. However, usually only one half of the axle has an allen hole so this really only applies if it’s the side that’s visible when you unscrew the yoyo.

Using an allen key is actually preferable in some cases, as with YoYoJams with the old axle system – the axles you find in the Lyn Fury, Kickside, original Dark Magic, etc. Many of those axles were very, very snug – much too tight for removing with your fingers. And if you use something like a wrench, you risk messing up the threads of the axle. Best to use an allen key if the side of the axle that’s exposed is the side with the allen hole.

Game on.


I don’t think you can Allen/hex key a YYR axle…

I agree, and I prefer to use the hex key when I can (if the hole is easily accessible). I always found it easier, because if the axle is snug enough, I have a hard time getting a grip with my finger tips. I don’t meddle with my yo-yos on a regular basis, but when I need to do it, I prefer that method.

I am shocked at the original question, because my Space Cowboy is incredibly smooth, and I am very, very happy to be the owner of one. I would agree that the retailer should settle this. But, if they still refuse, contact YoyoFactory with your proof of purchase (order number), and be prepared to mail in the yo-yo so they can see it and resolve it for you. If I were the company, I would need at least an order number and the defective unit to mail out a replacement. Not only should they be able to confirm that it’s defective, but if it is defective, they can troubleshoot and use that unit as an example to take future preventive measures.

I highly recommend the Space Cowboy! I’m hoping to get another one soon, maybe Black Friday.

Thanks guys!
All the General Yos i’ve owned have had axles tuned and fastened with some kind of locktite… I don’t find unscrewing an axle with a hex key weird at all…

Anyways, i’ve sent an email to YYF and waiting for their reply :slight_smile:

^ I have a Hatrick like that, and always wondered if that axle was loctited by General Yo, or if someone else did that.

Anyway, what’s a Space Cowboy thread without a little eye candy? :slight_smile: by The TotalArtist, on Flickr by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

His ‘pint’ is that you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

Most axles we use have a hex key hole in one side, making them very easy to remove… it’s a fairly common thing to do when an axle is held in tightly. Some people (and even some manufacturers over the years) locktite their axles in place for one reason or another… sometimes they may just get a bit stuck from dirt/debris… the hex key hole (if it happens to be sticking out) allows an easy to remove the axle in those cases.

An axle needing something other than you finger is by definition -not stripped-… I don’t think you know what stripped means. If a yoyo thread is ‘stripped’ it won’t connect… the threads have been torn out or worn down to the point that the axle and half won’t engage.

It’s possible that a stuck axle is -cross threaded-, which is a different problem entirely… and in that case a hex key comes in very handy to remove the axle. Once you back it out, it’s often possible to smooth out the threads in the yoyo and your it’s back to normal.

Sorry for the thread derail.

The the original topic… contact YYF directly as others have said, and be sure to mention what store gave you such godawful service.