my messiah vibrates!

I love everything about this yoyo except one thing. It vibrates! I’ve tried taking it apart and tightening the axle but it doesn’t help. Any advice?

Maybe it’s your throw. Throw it down, and put your finger on it. Is it smooth or does it vibrate?

I don’t own a Messiah but, how does the bearing spin on a flick? Does it sound gritty? Is there a catch? How does the response look, check the bearing seat for any possible debris. Take out the axle and roll it on a flat surface, is it bent at all?

After doing the finger test, as x52 suggested, does it vibe? If it doesn’t then it is your throw. If it does you should take a look into tuning it.

Thanks for the advice guys. I’m still not sure what the problem is though. I’ve never had a problem with my throw before and I’ve been yoing for a couple years now with several different yos. I guess that all yo’s are different though and it takes a while to get used to throwing them so maybe it will work itself out once I get used to it

I don’t have one, but my experience with yoyos of that shape are that they require a very good throw. A little off and it will tend to wobble. That shape tends to be very stable and the wobble will not dampen out.