My new N12 has got some serious vibration issues. Anyone else?

Out of about 50 throws I haven’t gotten a single one without vibration. Is this a common problem? Do you think it’s faulty? The axle was loose when i got it i had to tighten it up with an allen key. It stops if i hold my finger to either side of the yoyo. It’s also come undone whilst using it. I’m certain it’s not my technique i’ve been throwing for years.

Thanks for any help!

If it stops when you hold your finger against it, it’s more than likely your throw.

Comes apart while using - this happens. Tighten it a bit more or put some light duty thread lock on it.

OK thanks. What part of a throw normally causes it to vibrate?

Normally the release. Try adjusting the twist of your wrist a slight amount either direction and see if that helps. What’s happening is the yoyo is slightly tipped as you release and the yoyo is trying to right itself. The dynamics cause it to over correct. And so it goes.

Usually it is off balance at the rim that causes most vibrations. I have a few throws that will dissipate the vibration soon after throwing it on their own. Magic YoYos arent exactly the best quality of throws. I had a One Drop Rally that was so off balance that I couldn’t get rid of the vibration even if I put my finger on it to calm the vibration. Then YYE replaced it. I have an N12 and it plays great. So its luck of the draw with some throws. Good luck.

If placing a finger on the YoYo stops the vibe, then that’s definitely your throw.

Sometimes with a new shaped profile or size that I’m not used to throwing, I get some vibration on the throw. I sometimes suspect it’s vibe due to the yoyo, until I try smoothing it out with a finger touching the yoyo and discover that it was really me. Some throws are easier to adjust to than others.

And some yoyos are more susceptible to a slightly off throw. The YYJ Xcon is a prime example. A bit off axis and it tends to vibe pretty good rather than just tilt.

This is precisely why I like the XCon and XCon Pro, because it forces you to learn to throw the yoyo better.

I’m not gonna say my N12 is the smoothest yoyo I own. However, it’s sufficiently smooth that I don’t really notice any vibe.

Only vibe i get is when i have a wonky throw. Love my N12!