YYR Sleipnir getting vibey

Hey everyone. My Sleipnir have started getting vibey lately. Not to the point where it’s visible wobble, though it’s ALOT less smooth than how it was when i got it. I’ve opened it up maybe max 20 times, including those times i’ve tried to tune it back smooth. With no real improvement. Tried putting the axle completely into one of the sides on both halfs. Tried putting it so it “floats” in the middle etc.
Any suggestions? Not really had any severe hits to the floor etc either.
Is it the threads wearing out or can it be the axle?

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

Probably just bad luck with axle placement. I hesitate to suggest it out of fear that someone may read this and strip their threads, but screwing the yoyo together a tiny bit more might help. They’re certainly screwed together tightly in the first place when they’re smooth.

From my experience (I’ve owned 2 Sleipnirs and countless other YYRs) as soon as you ding them, they will never be perfectly smooth. They’re really finicky.

That’s depressing. Super expensive yoyo and one ding vibe…

Well, mine’s never been perfectly smooth, though it came pretty darn smooth from YYSR. I’ve never actually dinged it, though there’s been some hits to a wooden floor, though no ding.
It didn’t start to vibe after a hard hit, i’d played it for about a week straight without any hits to floor, walls etc. I opened it since there were a knot i just couldn’t get with a toothpick. After i screwed it back together the vibe occured. So i’m pretty sure a hard hit into something wasn’t the cause.

Nevermind, i got it!
Changed the axle between an e=mc^2 and tightened a bit harder than i’m comfortable with. Solved it!

Glad you were able to get it. On the rare occasions that one of my yoyos starts to vibe more than it used to, it’s a very satisfying feeling to tune it back to normal. To be perfectly honest, I think the obsession with getting it back to how it used to be bothers me more than the actual vibe itself lol

Me too! On a “cheap” metal i don’t really care so much about vibe, though on a 150$ + throw, serious vibe just turns me off from playing it. Really don’t know why

Same here!