Northstar Axle Problem?


Got a Northstar in the mail and have played it quite a bit. Out of the box, it had virtually no wobble and played nicely.

This morning I made a mistake while throwing and it dropped and hit the carpet. This was a very light hit and really should have done little, but now the Northstar vibes quite a bit in comparison. I believe it may be linked to the axle being knocked loose from being set rigid in one side (now the axle can be moved up and down within the yo-yo). I don’t normally say much about vibe because I really like a tiny bit of vibe, but the Northstar has some good wobble after finger correcting and now even has a different sound when spinning.

Anyone else have this problem or know why this has happened?


I havent had this problem but you can loctite the axle

(yoyo jake) #3

The axle is supposed to do that and make sure it’s screwed together all the way.


Thanks for the replies guys.

@Yeti, can’t locktite the axle, the area is concealed, and the axle seems to have a hex-designed end to keep in in one half of the yo-yo. It is similiar to how Duncan plastic yo-yos are designed, if you guys have opened them up.

@Jake, it is screwed all the way together and the arrows match. It is not the fact that it is a floating axle that creates the problem (because the Northstar does not use a floating axle, or at least I do not think), it the the fact that possibly the nut that would serve as the threads for half the yo-yo (or hex-nut object at the end of the axle) is knocked loose from the yo-yo causing some vibe. If the axle is not supposed to be attached to the yo-yo, what caused the vibe?

I should ask now if this description of how YYF designs plastic throws makes sense? I only guess this to be the design because the axle itself can be pushed up and down easily and no threads have been stripped.

Just trying to clear up some stuff. The yo-yo still plays, just not as well as when new. It’s not a pressing problem, I’m just wondering why so light a hit suddenly altered the yo-yo so much (it now even sounds different while spinning).


I’ve heard of a lot of people having this issue. Contact YYF or the store you bought it from.


yea same, mine vibes liek crazy after i took it apart to clean the bearing. b’cos of the vibe i thought i wasnt tightening it right, now i think i overtightened it … plays slightly better but the axle is popping out the plastic a little… :frowning: i still go bak to my protostar


My protostar has the same problem, must be a star thing